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getting close, idea, good bad ...worth a shot?
  • been a lurker for a long time, finally decided i would ask for some help. well got my first mxg years ago, it was the only one available really then. but i have been an off again on again type of user so taking this long doesn't surprise me. i just got the helix syn, making it my 3rd model now. (progasm being the other)by the way, i really do love that helix syn!!!! well i know i'm close cause the syn shot out a couple sessions in a row. i'm sure i need to have more sessions and/or strengthen up my muscles but i wanted some peoples opinion on a couple thoughts i have had. i have been getting a few fbsm lately, and have been thinking of seeing if a particular masseuse might be able to tease a super o outa me. nothing else it would be really fun i'm sure. also she does offer prostate massages but i'm not sure of her skill level, if she is good enough do any of you think it could trump the eneros? just thought i would see some opinions. thanks for listening. 
  • Who are these particular masseuses that offer such services?  lol
  • ha, yeah was gonna do a coff...masseuse...coff...  but figured it was kinda obvious. :D
  • I wouldn't really expect too much from a masseuse.  First, if you cannot relax properly in front of another person, you won't get much; second, you have to make sure both of you are available at the right place and right time, that you just happens to be in the right mood.  Finally, if all the above are true, you can get 10-20 minutes of very strong and tense feeling, with a small chance of wet O, then you won't feel anothing for the rest of the session.  big O achieved from Aneros is much stronger, because it come slow with feedback from your body.
  • thanks for the feedback, was kinda thinking along the same lines myself. though it was more of a feeling i couldn't put into words. Also, i don't know why i didn't think about not being able to relax. hasn't been an issue for me for a while, but i have been alone. huge difference. thanks again for the feedback on something i SHOULD have already known.
  • damn internet, said error.