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Do nothing, I keep contracting voluntarily!
  • I noticed that when I attempt the do nothing method which is the most successful for me so far, that when the Aneros actually starts to move and i become aware of this I do a contraction and this stops any progress I had in the session even before involuntaries. Could this be due to the fact that im still getting used to using the Aneros and having something move on its own in there haha. Anyone had this before or got any tips?

  • same here, i think it's anticipation, you're like me , you want that super-o asap :-)
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    This seems to be a very common problem and nothing to worry about. It is simply proof that you are in the process of learning and continued practice will overcome it.
    Try to ignore the contractions and keep relaxing. Eventually it will become second nature but is not easy for many.
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  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    Involuntaries for me are contractions that I seem to do voluntarily but just can't help it. Regardless, I go on to super o's just fine.
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
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