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  • Hi, I'll make it brief to start. I may go into deeper details later on.

    I'm new to prostate massage. I have a few months experience. With the helix, it feels like it's not long enough to reach the prostate. And although I do get pleasurable sensations by now, I'm still unsure of when the prostate is reached, how long it needs stimulation, and how to get an orgasm.

    I'm looking for advice that will help me achieve what I want to achieve.
  • Try to stay completely relaxed, don't do any contractions, and do some deep slow belly breathing for a half hour or more. Stay completely still and focus on any minor involuntary muscle movement in the PC muscle group and anal canal. This technique (the do nothing approach) really jump started things for me. I began to focus on tiny insignificant involuntary muscle movement which eventually began to escalate to blissful experiences. I also thought my Pro. Jr. wasn't contacting my prostate for quite a while and was considering different models. I stayed with it and now that I've developed sensitivity I realize it sits perfectly against my prostate even at rest.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I believe that many who are just beginning this journey believe that the tool they are using isn't hitting the right spot at first but that persistence will eventually win out.

    The Helix is highly recommended as a tool for inexperienced users so I wouldn't chuck it aside just yet. Personally I find that the Helix floats my boat better than the Progasm Jr so My recommendation is to stay with it a while yet.
    Good Luck and Enjoy!
  • I think I have found how to massage my prostate, instead of just moving it around randomly. I think I found the spot. Sure feels like it anyway.

    How long do you have to massage for it to build to orgasm, and is there anything else I should know?
  • Hi @tushymassagelvr,

    That is a real sexy nick you have there! Welcome to Aneros Forum!

    You may want to get for yourself a Eupho Syn. The Eupho Syn is a long, yet slim Aneros model that should reach your prostate.