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Key Sound Orgasm and Super O
  • I don't know if this question has been asked before but for those of you have experienced both, are the Super O and KSMO orgasm the same or are they different in terms of one being more/less intense etc than the other.?

  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    Hi ...63013,

    The Aneros and KSMO are just two different routes to achieving the same objective: on-demand ejaculation-free multiple orgasms. 

    As it's not possible to measure orgasms in terms of intensity, erotic quality, duration, full-bodied characteristics and overall satisfaction I can't see that there can be a definitive answer to you question. Whichever type of training is adopted, the level of achievement at any given time is probably more to do with an individual's aptitude for exploring his orgasmic potential and where he is along the timeline of his MMO career. 

    I have found that, in terms of intensity, there is not much to choose between Aneros and KSMO orgasms - either way they can be equally mind-blasting although their qualities, subtle and not-so-subtle, are rather different. For me, the KSMO yields deeper, quieter and more paralytic orgasms. 

    I've been lucky enough to be successful with my MMO exploration and I don't regard one approach as being, overall, better or more effective than the other - practiced together they are mutually supportive. 

    Once you arrive at the final destination you won't care how you got there!

  • Great explanation. Thanks Mog.
  • @mog

    Does ksmo talk about energies at all?
    I want to continue with mmo, but I am afraid to do anything with energies for the time being.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Does ksmo talk about energies at all?

    You may find further information about Jack Johnston's "Key Sound Multiple Orgasm" trigger protocol (KSMO) at his website!

    While Jack's KSMO protocol doesn't specifically dwell on the concept of energies, its effectiveness is dependent upon the life force energies generated by the body itself. His protocol is based upon creating harmonic vibratory energy to excite the parasympathetic nervous system into orgasmic states of excitement.

    I want to continue with mmo, but I am afraid to do anything with energies for the time being.

    Orgasms occur from probably the highest level of physical energy the body creates, if you are going to be pursuing Male Multiple Orgasms you are going to be immersing yourself in energy play dynamics. You can't experience orgasm without the energy to power it. You orgasms are the expression of your life force energy, if you abandon your energies play you will be subverting your own orgasmic abilities.
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