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  • recoilrecoil
    Posts: 4
    Its been a few months since I started to make good progress in the rewiring process, great sensetions, a few mini-o´s (or so I think) but in my past two sessions I have noticed something very interesting, when everything is going great the involuntaries are going, great feelings the aneros (both MGX and Helix) gets drawn inwards but the motion continues even in this deep position.

    The question:

    In this setting i have noticed that the aneros starts hitting a certain spot that feels totally different and super sensitive to stimulus, Is this a direct prostate "hit"?

    If that is the case judging by the aneros milestones list in the wiki, am I that far away from the super - O? Not that I mind most of the sessions are incresingly getting better and better I'm just curious.


  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    These are all good signs you are describing.  Not sure if its a direct hit on your prostate, but really it doesnt matter, just enjoy the feelings.  
    Noone can tell you when you will have a super O, just practice on and eventually it will happen.
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176


    I too am a newbie having given almost two months to regular aneros use.  So take my comments with some skepticism.

    I too have found that super sensitive spot on my prostate at times where it seem that pleasure intensifies exponentially.  I have tried to get those feeling to increase without much success.  To me, that super sensitive spot and the resultant feelings are what we are after.  But how would I know?


    Rumel, Rook, or any veteran here, please come to our aid on what Recoil is describing.  Thanks guys.

  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    Yea I hit that spot the other day and then it went away. Maybe we are hitting it regularly and it is just more sensitive at times. It's hard to tell what exactly is happening with my limited experience.
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    I've had the MGX sucked up into that spot once or twice, it only lasted for a second, but it's still the most mind-blowing intense surge of pleasure I've ever had. Unfortunately I've never been able to figure out how to trigger this regularly or on purpose.
    I feel like the Progasm Junior is sitting in this spot the whole time. The intensity isn't as high, but it's similar in nature. Which is why it's my current number one aneros :)
  • imadeitimadeit
    Posts: 20

    @recoil - through out the session, the position of your aneros may not change at all.  Prostate feels differently from time to time, depends on how well it has been massaged.  When you get that great feeling, it is usually when prostate "awakes". 

    @Turnrow - The problem with newbie time is that when start getting great feelings, you might be carried away and stop doing what you were doing.  The key here is keep doing exactly what you were doing before getting those p-waves or mini-Os.  you are on right track if you keep getting those, and it just get stronger and stronger. 


    @ctusser - that is correct.  usually it hits the same spot.  You only get that feeling after it finally turns on.  In the beginning, it takes me hours to get there, now it takes like 10 mins every session.  It takes time for your prostate to start waking up.