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Once more unto the brink.
  • Well it's been pretty much one year on the dot, and what better reward for my one year anniversary than to be at the very brink of what I am looking for. I've had numerous posts of "i'm close" etc etc. Seems a never ending journey, BUT, what I just experienced was *way* beyond anything I've experienced before.

    I think my rewiring is pretty close to complete, as always I've been progressing in baby steps, reading, researching, experimenting... but today.. HOLY COW, I didn't even have a full on orgasm and it was too much for my mind to handle. I've heard boys snicker growing up on how girls would say the orgasm was "too much" and I can fully understand what they're talking about. I've been having pretty consistently good sessions with usual progression, as much as I try to relax I end up pushing my pelvis hard down on the bed when it feels really good (I lay on my stomach for sessions)... but this.. this was something far far FAR beyond. I was reading where a prostate orgasm level gets to a point where it's easily the same level as a penile orgasm but then continues on past that point to an unbelievable climax point. I orgasmed, but not fully I believe. I was feeling good, and it started taking off, more.. more... MORE... MORE. My body was clenched HARD. I couldn't even believe it could go further than it was already. I was panting, ALMOST to the point of involuntary moans, I literally started thinking how much more can this possibly continue, then it subsided (of course) but DAMN there was an absolutely fulfilled feeling afterward. I know my mind needs to rest a bit before I can do another session. Looking forward to even more in the future.  
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    @emancipation, Sounds amazing!!  Keep at it and let us know how things go.