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New favorite position I've never heard of before - SUSPENSION - instructions & variants
  •  Hi, Guys.

    I've owned a helix and progasm for about 4 years now and never had much luck at all until recently - mostly due to the fact that now I'm finally in a more relaxed and private setting, and I've taken up the usage of a popular herb.  (Kudos to you all who can get the aneros effects without any chemical help.  In my years of trying, I got probably no more than 5% of the aneros effects without MJ that I'm getting now, and even that was unpredictable to the point of being too frustrating to be worth the effort.  Being a naturally uber-tense person I guess it's what I needed to totally focus and relax.)

    I've read these forums for years and have done tons of other research as well seeking the ever-elusive super-everythings that so many others besides me have been able to attain.  In the past few months with MJ it's suddenly made all the efforts worth it, but of course we all keep trying for the best and most pleasurable methods possible.  I've never seen this position mentioned before, though, so I thought I'd share.

    The Position - Suspension
    I got this idea a couple months ago after noticing I had two small plastic light cubes for end tables that were the same height as my couch that has no armrests.  I placed both end tables at one end of the couch, and then an extra chair on the other side of them.  So, it's the couch, 2 end tables side by side, then a chair.  I laid face down on the couch (only supporting my stomach, chest, and head) while my cock and balls suspend between the two end tables, which are about 6-8 inches apart.  One hip rests on each end table, which has a towel on it for cushion.  I'm tall at 6' 4", so the chair is used to support my legs however far back is comfortable.

    The result is unlike anything I've ever experienced before in my life.  (My previous best sessions were in my bathtub, mostly laying on my back. While mind-blowing, they were still nothing like this.)  There's all these added sensations by having everything suspended and 'pulled' by gravity.  During Super-O's, when the erections and breath-holding sensations are washing over, everything is more free than ever to do whatever it needs - untouched physically of course.  It's like gravity is helping to try and pull every last ounce of pleasure out, and when everything gets engorged and erect they feel super massive dangling down and jumping about.  I've had quite a number of sessions like this over the past 2 months, and every one makes me soooo thankful to live in a time we have these devices available.  Everyone should be so lucky to feel this level of pleasure at least once in their lifetime, and how much the better if they could whenever they want?  It's beyond gratifying and grateful at the same time.

    Using this method, I can totally relax and within about 3 minutes I'll start climaxing every time.  It'll last for a good 1-2 hours.  Another advantage is that in this simple starting position, there are many small adjustments that kick-start the whole thing again after each major wave.
    1. Start in a comfortable and relaxed straight position- hands under head if needed for support, but legs stretched straight back on the chair.  The mind is completely blank except for a subtle focus on the contact of the pleasure point.  Don't even try to focus yet on breathing unless it's easy for you.  The less to distract from the pleasure point the better - do as little as possible and relax every single muscle in your body.  Your body will take over as needed and knows better than your mind what it wants.  You're here to facilitate and experience, not control.  Also, even though its been mentioned many times before, I'll stress it again here since it's so important - have zero expectations!  Don't try and make anything happen.  Don't try to repeat a previous session.  If you let it take the wheel, your body will show you something incredible that may be the same or may be completely new and exciting.  That's half the fun of aneros sessions - you never know what the session will be like, but you know you crave whatever it's going to be!
    2. At some point, stretch out the arms completely as well, then take a few minutes and keep stretching the full body - legs, stomach, chest, neck, arms.  Don't hold tension, though.  This is stretching out for alignment, then relaxing.
    3. Bend and spread the knees and separate the feet and let them rest on the chair's arms.  This puts the body in a slight backward bend, moving the aneros into another great spot.
    4. Possibly my favorite after everything is really going - straighten the legs and spread them as full as possible out to the sides, no longer touching the chair.  They should suspend freely out in the open completely relaxed, and in doing so will lift the hips slightly and engage SO many nerve endings and channels.  End table positioning is important here - covering the hip-to-mid-thigh range - so that the legs don't need any muscle tension whatsoever to stay up.
    5. Bend the knees completely and the hip joints as needed so that the feet go up and over the butt.
    6. Do #5, but then reach back with the arms to lightly hold the feet. Your limbs will be highest, followed by your body, with your cock and balls lowest helping gravity pull more and more to our favorite places (see further notes on this below).
    7. Go back to #2, but turn slightly to the side so that one knee is slightly bent and the arm on the same side is down the side.  The point here is to do a single-side body stretch.  Switch sides after a while.

    I'll often stay in each position for 5-20 minutes, having super-O's the whole time gasping and moaning, going from flaccid to erect - to super, near cry-inducing erect.

    A few tips:
    1. All general aneros warm-up techniques still apply - lube, etc.  I pretty much always put on some ethereal, new age music and some incense.  The music should let the mind relax and be there for ambiance only - it should have nothing that draws attention whatsoever, which would break concentration.
    2. Experiment with how far back from the couch to place the end tables.  I've found that if they're really close, it's still great, but I keep moving them farther away so that my stomach is also suspended and stretched more.  There's so many important nerves that connect the perineum all up into the belly button area - stretch those suckers out and open them up and you'll be glad you did.  With position #4 if all goes well, every nerve and muscle in your entire genital region are opened and connected in a seriously pleasurable way.
    3. Experiment with how far apart the end tables are.  All this is not just about suspending your bits, it's also about letting gravity have the maximum effect.  When the tables are as far apart as is comfortable and stable, it almost feels as though the prostate is the lowest part of the internal body, and the aneros is helping to push it even lower - pushing the energy straight into the cock.  This almost creates an energy 'funnel' of sorts - channeling everything in your body using gravity to one single point - it just makes the sensations come so fast and intense.
    4. All this has worked with both the helix and progasm, they just feel unique.  Often I'll start with one, then after an hour or two I'll switch to the other and it all starts again.  Order doesn't seem to matter as far as pleasure levels, but I have found that starting with the helix sometimes my entire genital and anal region will be so engorged and tight that I cannot physically get the progasm in afterward.  So to avoid that I'll usually start with the progasm at this point.
    5. Way at the end of the session, I'll sometimes bend my knees completely, keeping them spread apart, and tuck them under my torso comfortably so my shins are on the end tables.  All still while staying face down and with my arms stretched.  It's simply one more amazing position, and you can even look down (more with the top of the head resting on the couch) to see everything suspended as it all becomes erect and shakes and moves over and over all by itself - it's a huge turn on to watch (this is the only point my eyes are open during any of these sessions - again to maximize focus).
    6. At the very end, if I'm wanting a Super-T (while I usually am), I'll usually do advanced technique #1 below and then eventually start pulling everything manually.  I pull downward much more than anything to keep the whole gravity/energy flow consistent with the session.  I've had such incredible feelings like my cock is a massive iron anchor before it explodes.  And believe me it's simply incredible cumming downward after a session like these - gravity just helps pull everything you have out and then some.  I've had ejaculations so intense this way that I feel every drop of fluid must have been forced out of the entire body region.  It'll leave a beautiful, subtle ache for hours like everything down there, particularly my balls and the vas deferens tubes, are having to work overtime to try and replenish everything.
    7. Whenever changing positions, I've found it helpful to change the direction my head is facing - left/right.  This helps to avoid neck pinches and keeps energy and nerve channels more free and balanced.
    8. If you're in full swing and having a great time, then it may be time to do some intentional breathing.  I've tried many, but I have two favorite breathing techniques.  One, I'll breath out completely and take very small and -extremely- slow breaths in, only ever going about 1/3 of a full breath before exhaling again.  This slows everything down and I think probably lowers the oxygen level in your body a bit after a while, which is pleasurable in itself.  Two, I'll take a slow but huge, deep breath and hold it for a moment.  Then I'll breath out only to about 2/3 full and then breath all the way in again.  All breathing is done gently and slowly, and I'll do each of these techniques (separately) for 2-15 minutes at a time - whatever feels like it's working best.  I've found the 2nd technique particularly nice with this suspension method since there's something about keeping the diaphragm engaged and low in the body, yet relaxed, that gets everything down there even more hot and bothered.

    So - that's my contribution.  I hope someone will find it useful.


    Destrix Mojavy
  • I had to post the advanced section separately since my original post was too long!

    Advanced techniques:
    Now, mind you I'm a Reiki II practitioner, each of these sessions is on one decent hit of MJ, and I'm into all sorts of transcendental energy work.
    1. Usually toward the end of the session, I'll place one hand to each side of my cock and balls - keeping them suspended - and lay on my arms.  Nothing is touching my cock and balls - my thumbs will be above my cock on my body and the rest of the fingers wrap downwards reaching towards the aneros.  I'll focus all the energy I can from my body to my hands and into that region.  It'll all feel so hot internally and externally.  Focus on the energy swirling around and inside the P-spot.  It'll ache so good you'll feel like it's taking over your whole body and you'll think a huge glob of semen is going to pour out any second.  An additional good spot is placing two fingers about where your ovaries would be if you were female - push firmly but not hard, and then hold for a while.  These are great pressure points that shoot down into the very bottom of your balls if you have the channels open.  (This is a great spot to do on girls during energy work, too - FYI.)
    2. Everyone has their own general aneros techniques regarding focus and breathing, etc., but mine I've found is first to focus on nothing but the single pleasurable sensation that grows from the prostate.  I try to focus on it as being detached from the physical.  First, that keeps any unwanted contractions and whatnot at a minimum.  This is similar to the 'do nothing' method principle.  Let the body go and it's amazing since it knows exactly how to pleasure itself - we're just going along for the ride and are allowing our consciousnesses to experience it.  Secondly, detaching the pleasure from the physical allows me to keep expanding the level and area of the pleasurable 'zone'.  Once the pleasure point has engulfed my physical body, then I can let it continue to grow outside into the room, then throughout the house - I've even gotten it once to about a 10 mile radius and it was probably the equivalent of an out of body experience.
    3. When the pleasure energy grows outside the physical, you can also 'bring in' other erotic and pleasurable energy.  On a couple super-intense sessions with incredible focus I've been able to feel as though I'm soaking in and sharing the purely erotic energy from the collective consciousness of my neighborhood.  Ok, it sounds pretty out there I know, but don't knock it 'till you've tried it!  (A lot of this has to do with Reiki training, energy work, and consciousness experimentation and levels.  I've seen it work on multiple occasions with a subject that didn't even know what Reiki was, so I know it's real.  So if you want to poo poo the idea then you're the one missing out! :-)
    4. When in position #4, stretch full body as much as possible, but don't stay tense.  Just get all the nerves and muscles opened up, then imagine your entire body is suspended.  Feel the erotic, pleasurable energy shoot from your toes to your fingers, then imagine the pleasure point from your prostate shooting straight up through every nerve in your genital region up into your stomach nerves, heart and chest, then out the top of your head.  If you're into the chakra system you'll feel like every one of them is wound up like you've never felt before.

    Destrix Mojavy
  • BTW - if a Mod would be so kind as to change my username to something more to do with my name that'd be awesome.  I have no idea how the username ended up like that and don't know how to change it or who to contact.
    Destrix Mojavy