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Omega 3 and Prostate cancer link?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    For many years now diets high in omega 3 fatty acids have been touted for their health benefits. Even member 'zaneblue' (Marrena Lindberg) touted their benefits to sexual arousal in her book The Orgasmic Diet wherein high doses of omega 3 are recommended to stimulate libido, there have been numerous discussions in this forum mentioning this (see Omega 3 research Thank you Zaneblue, Orgasmic diet for improving Aneros results or Your experiences with Zane Blue's Orgasmic Diet?)

    Now a new study has come out which indicates high levels of omega-3 fatty acids may raise prostate cancer risk. For those of you who are taking daily massive doses of fish oils as a supplement following 'zaneblue's diet and are using walnut oil as a lubricant, you may wish to rethink your choices. In particular you may wish to switch from walnut oil (2,971 mg omega 3 per oz.) to other oils such as almond oil (0 mg omega 3 per oz.)

    I do not wish to be an alarmist and acknowledge the possibility this may be just another cancer scare story like the coffee and saccharin scares in years past. However, like many naturally occurring compounds, when something is taken in large doses over a prolonged period of time, there may often be negative consequences to the body that would never occur with low dose, infrequent usage.

    Having been treated for prostate cancer myself, I do not wish any of you to suffer from a similar scenario. IMHO, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a good balanced diet without compounding of high dose dietary supplements may prove to be an excellent path to a prostate cancer free future.
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  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    Damn it all. I just had a plate of smoked salmon and a bottle of champagne.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    I doubt the bottle of champagne has any omega 3's in it so your prostate is safe from that, however, subjecting your liver to the onslaught of a whole bottle's worth of alcohol... well, that's another thing!
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  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    Since I shared it, my prostate is happy.

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    I looked at the various articles, there seems to be an indication that high Omega 3 may contribute to prostate cancer, but the studies acknowledge that they did not separate the source of the Omega 3, that is their research did not look at the respective diets. It also acknowledged that most of their victims (read volunteers) were not taking additional Omega 3 supplements. They also suggested an Omega 3 levels be assessed in blood tests. So, I am happy to not use Walnut oil, and may reduce my supplements a bit as where we live there are no naturally grown fatty fish to eat.
    I am wary of these studies after the appalling mess of one about HRT that did not separate obese and existing heart condition from the average and 100s of thousand women stopped the support and had a hell of a time until the flaws in the findings were made known and the statistics corrected.
    However thank you for the information.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I actually heard this discussed for the first time in Radio National news and in depth in the "PM" programme, (both in Australia), just yesterday.

    I have just Googled it and it appears that this was first mooted in 2011, so it's been around for a while.

    I somehow doubt that we need to panic. As with all things to do with diet, I'm sure that moderation is the key.

    The problem seems to be that, as with so many things, the gullible will assume that if something is said to be good for you, then more of it must be better!
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    The press likes to pick up on possible scare stories, often basing their reporting only on the press release without doing any analysis of the published paper themselves. They usually only print the "bad news" and move on, and hardly ever give column inches to the retractions or revisions.

    I'm equally sceptical about stories which say "X is good for you" as I am with stories which say "X is bad for you".
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    i have very little faith in diet based health claims, even the most entrenched.

    as an example, i read an article recently that shows strong evidence for throwing out the idea that free-radicals are harmful.  all that "anti-oxidants" business might fall by the wayside.

    i read another article that challenged the entire paleo diet concept, because we in fact might evolve faster than was presumed.   there goes the basis for the omega 3 fad.

    anything that zaneblue claims about diet, i am afraid to say, i would take with a huge grain of salt.  

    remember:  the placebo effect is one of the most powerful in medicine.

    about a single study relating omega 3 and prostate cancer:   take that with 1/'20 of a grain of salt.

    there is one piece of diet advice that seems to make sense:  eat a varied diet, and eat low on the food chain.