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Previous Progasm use and Nipple orgasms from girlfriend
  • VicViperVicViper
    Posts: 17
    Hello there, this is going to be a loong post. Something very odd and wonderful happened to me recently.

    I'm a bit of a lurker and don't post much atall (my last post was in 2011!) but I have been experimenting on and off for a while with the Progasm.

    Since I have used it quite infrequently over the last couple of years, my progress has been rather spotty. Some sessions were extremely nice and ended in what I would describe as a Super-O, while others never really progressed past involuntary muscle spasms and the like. I think this matches what a lot of people experience as you REALLY need to be in the mood. Having a really good session involves a lot of planning and patience and I usually end up being impatient and just having a normal penile orgasm.

    Now, I haven't used the Progasm in at least 3 months and my prostate had been pretty silent in that time, with none of the warmth or unusual feelings I was getting when I used it more actively.

    I have recently started getting physically intimate with my girlfriend and I found out that she really likes having her nipples played with. Even though she is multi-orgasmic, she never had a nipple orgasm before but after hours of fooling around I started stroking them slowly and she started having loads of small orgasms. She must have had about 10 or 15 by the time she asked me to stop.

    Afterwards she tried to return the favour and stimulate my nipples - something I had never had a great deal of success with myself. I can sometimes get sort of nice sensations when I've tried it myself, but it never felt all that special. Well, when she started doing it (partly as a joke, I think) I wasn't really expecting anything but after about 10 seconds I felt that old familiar involuntary flutter in my pelvis and a growing warmth. I started to breathe a bit more heavily and my hips jerked once or twice. She was pretty surprised by this and kept going. The sensations and involuntary leg spasms kept getting stronger and stronger without any mental effort on my part. After about 2 minute of this I started to gasp and convulse as I felt this amazingly satisfying warm rush spread up through my pelvis and dissipate around my lower body - it was definitely an orgasm! 

    I was absolutely stunned. I had never managed to get non-ejaculatory orgasms this easily with my Aneros inserted, even when I was touching my nipples! I can only assume that the rewiring that had happened in my brain was still dormant there and her stimulation combined with my extremely aroused state sent me over the edge.

    Since she didn't know about my previous Aneros use I didn't want to weird her by asking her to keep going (although she seems quite keen, to be honest), but it felt like I could have easily had more. 

    Needless to say, if she's up for it then I'm definitely going to ask her to try that again!

    Has anyone else had such success when someone else was stimulating their nipples? 
    Even though I barely use the Aneros any more, could all that rewiring still be there?

  • PrograProgra
    Posts: 34
    I have mulit dry's until I cum when my lady licks one nipple and fondles the other.

    She loves doing it & I absolutely love it!!!

    She knows all about my Aneros'ing and will quite often ask me to, "Put something up your bum."

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    great post and thanks for sharing!  I think your right about aneros use, in that, all the right things need to kinda come together for a great orgasm, so as you said, maybe thats just what happened with you and your lady.  I also agree that the rewiring is probably still there even if its not being utilized as much anymore.  
  • bsmith14bsmith14
    Posts: 35
    Having my wife suck and rub my nipples is my favorite part of our sex life. She will rub me for an hour and I will have orgasms over and over (with full body convulsions and shakes) until finally I have a wet streaming orgasm.
  • I used to joke with my friends about the "elusive male nipple orgasm" before I knew what an aneros was. For someone who grew up in our sexually repressed culture it was a funny joke in bars with friends, but at that time I knew little about what was possible with the male body. Fast forward 5 years and after enough exploration and relaxation, I too have found that I can have multiple full body orgasms with nipple stimulation alone. It took some experimenting, but over time my nipples became more receptive to physical stimulation (or awakened like the prostate in a way) and the same motions which initially felt just ok started to make my entire body shake. Eventually I was able to have a wet orgasm from this type of stimulation, which surprised me at the time, but I've found I can have wet full body orgasms from no physical stimulation either so now I just concede I know nothing and will continue to learn & explore.

     I do think its part of the "rewiring" process in a way, learning to really feel touch & stimulation, whether its your hand on your partner, aneros on your prostate or tongue/fingers on your nipples, you're learning to feel & integrate your whole body into the sexual experience & be present to the sensations your body is feeling. It's a completely different ball game than only pursuing a friction based penis orgasm.