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Eupho Syn vs Eupho Classic...
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    No answers yet - I`ll try to rephrase the question:

    Should I get Eupho in SYN or Eupho Classic, and why?
    Does the Euho SYN move as well as the Eupho classic?
    Feels better with syn?
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    Since you are an experienced user, it depends.

    - If you enjoy the P-Tab pressure of the classic models, go with the classic.
    - If you find the P-Tab on the classic models to be painful or irritating, go for the Syn. The arms on the Syn models are more flexible and exert less direct pressure.
    - If you like the Helix Syn, go with the Eupho Syn.

    The silicon coating on the Syn holds lubrication better over long periods. Because of that, it does move a lot. It is very comfortable even during long sessions. Check the dimensions, the Syn is slightly larger in diameter.

    Both are great, enjoy!

  • I'm a newbie here. Just ordered a Eupho Syn. I had an injury about a year ago, using regular vibrators trying to have a prostate orgasm. I aggravated my vagus nerve (located somewhere near the prostate), and I saw my doc about it, but he reassured me everything is ok. When you "aggravate" that nerve, it makes your stomach nauseous, makes you feel like you've just drank 10 cups of coffee (messes with your nervous system), makes your heart race a bit at various times of the day, and can cause breathing problems. After a couple days I got over it. But it really makes you feel sick like its something very serious. Lesser symptoms will last about a week, too. Even though its been a year, I still have relapses (symptoms) of it sometimes. I'm 48, an old-time bodybuilder, and still in good shape (for my age). I can now have prostate orgasms (ejaculation) using only my finger. Also, I always come very close to having hands-free orgasms (sometimes they feel like full-body) using nothing inside, only concentration (mind). But after several months, nothing to completion yet. It takes anywhere from 15 min. to 3 or 4 hours (as you guys know). Anyhow, do you guys think this Eupho Syn will be safe enough for me, since I still sometimes aggravate that nerve? Don't want to make the situation worse. But the Eupho Syn sounds pretty good since its a lot softer and gentler. Thanks for your help!
  • I don't know about the EuphoSyn, it is new since i have been back on here after a fairly long absence. I do have the HelixSyn, and prefer it to classic Helix.  Seems to move better, and maybe for the lube reason mentioned in previous post on here.  Also, wiht HelixSyn the handle seems to fit deeper in my crack, and doesn't hit the bed if i am on my back, altho in any model when i am on my back i stick a pillow under my lower back so handle doesn't hit.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Dont have an answer for you other then all the aneros devices provide only light massage of the prostate controlled by your own anal and pc muscles.  Manual manipulation of the device by your hands or say sitting on it and grinding would be unadvisable.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    Your best bet is to talk to your doctor. I have found that not many doctors are aware of the potential of the prostate, but are generally curious. I've shared with my relevant doctors due to my prostate issues and they have always been professional, if not curious. I think it is a good idea to let them know there are alternatives to medications that work, or at least compliment.

    I feel the Eupho Syn is one of the most gentle and effective models. You might even consider the Peridise which is also very gentle and also surprisingly effective.

  • I was on the very edge of a huge prostate orgasm all the way to the limit (I think) for the very first time! Came closer than ever before yesterday afternoon! The night before, I was "practicing" as usual without anything in my anus, and it was feeling pretty good, then I inserted the Eupho Syn I bought, and it re-affirmed that I was on the right track all along (luckily) this past year, as the feelings continued with the Eupho Syn inside. I only used it for about 45 min. then removed it because I was tired and needed sleep. Of course, I could feel the tingling and sensations long afterwards. Then yesterday afternoon I continued my session but without anything (again) in my anus and in about an hour was reaching the super-O! However, it barely just slid away, as I'm used to that happening, but this was the farthest I've gotten. All I can say is Its really incredible! Definitely MATCHES the feelings of my very first few orgasms when I was a kid! Anything that can take you back to those kinds of wonderful feelings is really awesome!