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Want to Scream from the Mountain Tops Just How Great the Aneros Experience Is.
  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    Not sure if this is a blog or a testimonial or a discussion thread. Perhaps all three.

    If you are reading this post, you are curious enough to want to learn more about all these Aneros prostate stimulators and if they really do work. All I can say is one emphatic YES they do.

    For me it was a "where have you been all my life?" experience. Very much like my first joint in the 60's during my college days.

    Now I am having orgasms better and more frequently than I thought was humanly possible. Hell, the orgasms are multiple and almost endless. O's superior to ejaculatory ones and with no ejaculation. Refractory time, the rest period between orgasms is virtually momentary allowing the subsequent orgasms to cascade, one right after another. In a traditional orgasms, at my age refractory time or at least the time until I desire sex again is days. Now I'm capable of more than a year's worth of orgasms in an afternoon!

    Learning took only a couple of days and I am not one with previous anal experience. At most, when masturbating, which was quite infrequent, I would rub my anus and even finger myself but only gently and when highly aroused. It never was something I was into and something I never engaged in with my wife. Probably the main reason I now rarely masturbate is because I want to be ready for the occasional tumble with my wife should she be in the mood. One super benefit of the aneros is no matter how many o's I have with it beforehand, they are all dry so I am always ready for that romp.

    For me, it all began with my snooping around the web looking to learn about keeping one's prostate healthy. I must have stumbled onto sites dealing with prostate massage therapy and eventually wound up on I read post after post and also all the product reviews of the MGX, the Helix and the Progasm on What I saw was that for some it did nothing, was even considered a rip off, while for others, many others, they touted the miraculous feelings these devices produced.

    I never was one to buy things off of TV infomercials or magazine ads, and I was a firm believer of it "it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

    Well, after much mental debate and reflection, I figured, oh what the Hell, so I get ripped off, at least maybe it may really do something about late night trips to the bathroom. (Which it has.) I knew it might feel good or at least it wouldn't be painful (with a beginners model) and threw down my money.

    Well, the Helix arrived and I made sure to meet the postman after tracking the package 10 times a day. I didn't want my wife to know about this. She would at the least think I was crazy and I was worried that she'd think I was in someway unfaithful.

    That evening I decided to try it out in the bathtub. Not a bad place as I discovered later.

    Prep was easy, I used a baby ear syringe to flush myself out with warm water followed by a couple of teaspoons of KY jelly placed inside me and a light coating of Vaseline on the Helix. Insertion was easy, but I was worried that if I fell or died, how embarrassing it would be to be found with this mystery device in me.

    Well anyway, here is this 64 year old laying in the tub with a 4" piece of plastic up his rear end.

    All I could think was - squeeze, contract, Kegels, but nothing happened. Twenty minutes of nothing. Must be all hype I figured. I tried again the following night and still no sensations worth writing home about. I tried arousing myself in the more usual ways but still nothing out of the ordinary, I was still focusing on feelings in the penis, which I later learned is not where feelings are centered. I was beginning to fall into the "come on, what did you really expect" crowd now.

    I read and re-read advice and "Relax, relax, relax" was the mantra I had seen repeatedly and ultimately was the key. My go to method for relaxing, being a child of the 60’s, was to take a quick puff off my little vaporizer. Lets just say it was a perfect use of "medical-wink, wink" marijuana.

    The third time with the Helix in my bottom and some pot in my head, things were different. It felt so good. I could now focus on how things felt inside me. The Helix sliding in deeper as I contracted my anus slightly. A PC contraction, wasn't painful but felt focused, and generated a nice internal feeling. Feelings just kept getting better and stronger. Over and over again. Each was intense, taking me to the edge of where I normally would ejaculate, but didn't. The only way I can describe it is in a traditional orgasm I might feel like, Oh, Oh, Oh followed by O, O, O as I ejaculated with each pulse of the ejaculation. This new experience was Oh, Oh, Oh followed by one long, seemingly never ending O. Once I came back down the sensations would begin again, building and holding me on this incredible plateau.

    Were these pleasure waves, mini-o's, dry o's, or a super o? I couldn't say. I had nothing to compare it to other than traditional orgasms. All I knew was this felt better than beating off. I initially did long for a climax or release, but after a few more sessions I grew to learn that hanging in mid orgasm was really superior. No refractory period, I could do it over and over - for hours if I wanted. Soon I learned how slight mild contractions could be used to move the helix deeper and press against different parts of my prostate.

    Regarding involuntary contractions, in the beginning I wasn't really aware of them, I was forcing things by concentrating on various contractions: anal, pc, pelvic floor. And each would lead to a long drawn out o. I'd hang on, arch my back, just enjoy the feelings. It was the intensity that occurs as one ejaculates, with no pulsating, just a constant orgasm until I'd breath slowly and return to a more normal state. All the while I was flaccid and not leaking of any fluids of any kind.

    Soon I learned to just give a little squeeze of my anus and I could feel the helix slither up on its own, driving deeper inside, stroking my prostate, just taking me to the top again.

    Amazingly, after a session, I could still feel these wonderful sensations happen without anything inserted. All I had to do was gently contract my muscle groups. Aftershocks and echos they too were real. Amazing myself that this could really happen. All from this little piece of plastic! How ingenious.

    Having used the Helix now for just over one month. I can take a "puff", prep and insert and within 3 minutes be generating mind altering orgasms, one after another. I can do a twenty minute session, or a two hour one, depending on how much alone time I have available. I stop because I have to due to time constraints not because I am finished. I think I could go forever if time allowed.

    Typically, I take a relaxing bath each night. It is great private time and quite satisfying. If my wife afterwards is in the mood, I am fully capable of having normal sex and the release is great. If no sex happens that night, that's fine too, I feel fully satisfied from my aneros experience.

    Well this post has already gone on too long but I did want novices or those just exploring this issue to know what lies ahead. I started out with the attitude that if I only get a few health benefits that would be great, anything extra would just be a bonus.

    Well let me tell you, there is quite a bonus and its just incredible. It has to be experienced. Words just don't do it justice. I want to tell everyone but feel as though with the taboos in our society and the reactions I am sure I would get, I can tell no one. Not even my best friends. Only strangers that know nothing of my credibility. All I can say to you is there is nothing in it for me if you try these devices. But there sure is something extraordinary in store for you.

    At least this way posting here I feel like I can tell readers that this is undoubtably the most pleasurable, intense, wondrous feelings I have ever experienced. I ordered a Progasm and just looking at it scares me. I am sure I will use it soon, but for now I just can't imagine it getting any better than my Helix. Deep down inside, though, I hope that what I experienced so far isn't the super-O I read about and I am still in for a surprise.

    I will post again and share my Progasm experiences and any other new found or major advancements that await me.

    For now Ciao. Enjoy.
  • GoodVibGoodVib
    Posts: 28
    Wow and Ditto, we match about 98%, I'm 62. Once your body figures it out plastic and pot are optional. I also expect more and better going forward, on to the super-O!
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    I really wish I could try the 'ros with some pot, but alas, it is not yet legal in my state and I cant afford to be doing anything illegal. 

    I have been having great progress with my progasm, but i just cant seem to get the involentaries going. Im just gonna power thru it, Im sure with more focus i will get there. But I do wish that i could try a "puff" while doing it!

    Great read by the way! happy of your progress
  • SmokeySmokey
    Posts: 21
    Nice post, thanks for sharing. I definitely have some common experiences with you. The good news for me is that I still have nearly 20 years to learn until I'm your age and I'll still have amazing experiences to look forward to then!