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i've tried everything
  • buscobusco
    Posts: 25
    My experience has been awkward. The first time I had a prostate massage done by a friend some years back it was out of this world. I screamed like a little girl - my prostate I realized is very sensitive. During anal sex several times I got prostate climaxes and would stay in a prostate-state for hours where my prostate would throb non-stop keeping me panting and in a climax state. The first time I tried the aneros 2 years ago I had a bit of shaking and the next day was but-horny. But since then NOTHING. I have done the do-nothing method for hours, belly breathing, contractions of all sorts, sleeping with, music, all and everything on the list. I dont feel anything anymore. Usually one start from nothing and work your way up to feeling something. Whats wrong? any advice?
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    it appears, youve done research into the subject. One thing you havent talked about is arousal, Its possible that when you had your first prostate experience you were in a much higher state of arousal. To add to this, perhaps your arousal was generated from the new experience, and since you have had it many times since, you have a much more relaxed approach to it, and fail to generate the same arousal levels. Much so in the same way that if you watch a porn video several times, You get bored of it and want to watch different videos.