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Prostate orgasm question
  • TrinkulousTrinkulous
    Posts: 1
    I've been using my eupho for a while now and I am really getting far with it. I Experinced the The waves of pleasure that come with contractions. And I often feel like I cant hold on any longer, like i have to scratch the itch deep in my prostate. My question is how do you continue to relax while having these really really intense feelings going on so that i can eventually have a Super O. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    It can be hard to do so, but the more I relax and let the sensations carry me along, the greater the intensity at which they'll come.
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    @trinkulous the fact that your feeling anything shows that your on your way to a great journey. What I do is I breathe in very deeply then exhale very softly releasing all stress from the day. Lay your palms face down on the bed. By controlling your breathing it will relax the prostate for the fun its going to have.
  • STARR831STARR831
    Posts: 71
    Trinkulous --- when I start to experience my first waves, I will often cross my arms and place the palm of each hand on the opposite shoulder OR I will intertwine the fingers on each hand and clasp my hands together.  Either of these two actions help me to better focus intently on each wonderful feeling that is starting to unfold and to ride it through until another sensation begins.  Once into a cascade of waves and contractions, I'll position myself to be able to brush one of my nips with the palm of one hand and use my other hand to reach around to my lower back --- sliding my middle finger down to my butt crack at the base of my tailbone and placing the palm of that same hand over my lower back-tail bone area --- sort of creating a nice warm p-tab under the elevated aneros handle.  Remember to explore your body and to discover what positions work best for yourself, breathe deeply and let your aneros play a symphony with your fearfully and wonderfully created male body!