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Hold it until we say go
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    While I was on chat earlier a few of the guys were talking about holding out on cumming. I know what type of feeling when I just wait one day. Well recently i waited two days and that cum came shooting out my dick. So they guys and I decided to hold out with out jacking or cumming for a full week. Friday til Friday. if you can with stand the temptation and not cum for a full week then join the fun. It will be hard lol but were men we can do it. join the fun you dont want to miss out.
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Warning. You may find drastic changes in your mind take place from this. Every time you ejac you lose a large portion of energy/Jing. By holding it in you are building up your energy levels and if you are having aneros sessions you may end up directing this energy up your spine even into your brain. If you find this happens remember to hold your tongue onto the top of your mouth and make sure you feel the energy leave down you tongue and down your chest. By holding energy in your brain without bringing it back down will cause migraines, that can last for weeks. Personally i decided to try with holding ejac for a week, I now have only came twice within the last 3 months.    Very possible none of this will happen, Just thought it was worth mentioning though
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    my first night was rough. I wanted to cum so bad but i backed off. I rewired a lot which calmed me down but i did not touch my dick at all. i did it for three hours. Great experience. 1 day down 6 to go.
  • guys ive been in nofap february and achieved my goal.

    just to say it: the first few days are the hardest. having aneros sessions during this time is even harder.

    im in. B-)
  • SmokeySmokey
    Posts: 21
    Ha ha. The longer I hold out, the more I fantasise sex & perve at pretty girls...