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  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    Ok back here for another journey update. I have been sleeping with my Helix Syn for some nights now. It's been awesome and I luv the feeling that I have with it inside me. The squirming and sensations I have grown to become a custom of. Just a little back story ok now to what happen to me today. I was having a great intense chat session with some great men. You all know who you are. (JDUB, Chuck & Kevin) I was going to edge during this session. I have seen in video's before of the pure pleasure of not going all the way. It's just as mind blowing as actually cumming. So I'm chatting and riding my device and watching my best porn also while doing tantric orgasm exercises and just over all feeling amazing. So I stop chatting and really getting to my video i was watching. I lifted my ass up like i was crouching jacking upward while thrusting my pelvis. It sounds weird but the sensations I was getting was mind blowing. I edged three times. I was pulsating and I wanted to cum so bad but i was stern on not cumming. Also not to mention I'm still having dry o's while doing all this thrusting. I was moaning and screaming and was rubbing all over my self to rewire the feeling to other parts of my body. So i couldn't hold it any more I pumped and pumped and pumped. Then i let go. I pulsated only once and gallons of cum came shooting out. I came over my head (not in my hair this time lol) on my face, stomach everywhere. I felt like i was on top of the world. After I caught my breathe from that great new peak i just reached i pulled the device from my ass. Then I heard a squish sound. Thinking oh no did I not clean my self properly. I inserted my index finger inside and a clear substance came out. I start to finger my self and more came. Did my ass cum while I was riding my Helix? Did I hit my prostate so hard that i milked it from the inside? I looked at videos of normal gay porn and found out that it is a cream that cums out of the ass if it is being worked really well. Even when i came back to the chat for another session. I didn't even have my Helix in and had mini o's and checked my butt and the cream was there again. I dont use lube so it wasn't that. I use lotion. but it had already dried up. I guest the newbie is learning quit fast.
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    That 'cream' from your rectum is similar to the mucus females create in there vaginas when being well stimulated. This is indeed a good sign and I'm glad your having a good time. Personally though it sounds to me that your attention is too divided if a Super-o is what your after. I too use pornography in my sessions however I lie down with my eyes closed and listen to it for the most part. Opening my eyes every now and then when I feel I need an arousal boost. I realise that there's a lot more to this journey than the super-o however. And I think your making good progress