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The p-tab and lubrication
  • nenasnenas
    Posts: 44

    I was quite ignorant about the p-tab. Massaging my sweet spot I recognized the value. The Helix Classic seem to have a small and short P-tab.

    I improved the function and soften the P-tab. Put a metal thimble on the tab. Wal-Mart has as well some plastic thimbles which can be placed on top to increase the Tab height. I found an immediate improvement in my feeling.


    The best lubrication I found: Coat of Vaseline with additional Astroglide. Stays slippery for hours and when removed does not have dirt on it.

    Better is to place a lip balm cap over the P-Tab. Big improvement

    3568 x 2376 - 2M
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @thats the ticket with the lube dude, you can go all night like that.