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Summary of one year of Aneros
  • RSilvaRSilva
    Posts: 16
    This March it made a year that I got my first Aneros model (Ice), so I thought in doing kinda like a summary of what I got.

    In the first sessions what I felt was a background pleasant feeling, and after some sessions I started getting dry Os. These dry Os are clearly not as intense as orgasms achieved in a traditional way but they're longer lasting of course. I didn't achieve them in all sessions, so many sessions have onlu the background pleasant feeling and some pc contractions that I can't tell if they're made by me or if they're involuntary. And in many sessions I get a hfwo.

    After a year of Aneros, I feel I'm stuck in that stage, and that I didn't evolve from that. I got Eupho in June 12, and surprisingly, and although very different, it got the same results as Ice, not better nor worse. Finally in December I got Syn and Mgx. All of these models are similar to me in their results.

    My sessions generally need a large amount of time for anything to start, and by anything I mean more pleasurable muscle contractions (I guess they're pc contractions). This generally takes 1, 1 1/2 hours. I don't have much involuntaries other than these contractions. Not my belly muscles, not anal muscles, everything seems to be very quiet.
    Many sessions don't evolve past this, and my session time generally is 3 hours, but it may be bigger. I like and prefer the do nothing approach, and I prefer the layed down, back in bed position, although many times I use on my side (it's too cold many times to use layed on bed position, I have to uncover my penis to not let it touch the sheets).
    If the session evolved after this point, 2 things may happen. I may have a dry O, not very strong, but where I can enjoy a wellbeing and some pleasure. If I manage to have a dry O in my standards that's a good session, as I don't get them every session, and more than one is an exceptional session.
    Or I may experience some intense feeling building (not pleasurable) that makes it very hard to relax. I may be able to relax, but it then dies out with nothing achieved. When this intense feeling comes (It's very hard to describe, I guess it's kinda like a strong urge to reach orgasm) I see it as a bad thing, because if I get it I'll have a hfwo and the session is over. In this part I may start to move the legs, feeling the need to change position, I may shake a bit, in general behaving differently, but this does not bring any pleasure, and if I can't stop it (I generally can't) I ejaculate and it's game over.

    I am loving this Aneros experience, and love to feel what I got until now, but I can't deny I feel a little disappointed that I didn't evolve much in one year.
    Although I always chose to have an aneros session instead of masturbation, and are happy to do it, I wonder many times and feel a little unmotivated as I think that I will spend hours to maybe achieve a dry O or not, when I could just masturbate and in second get an orgasm that although way shorter it's more intense. As for continued pleasure many times before sleep I do some very slow masturbation sessions that do not have the orgasm as an objective, just fantasyzing (?) a bit, they usually take an hour or two, and Aneros session until now can't outpleasure them yet.
    But like I told you I will keep having sessions, I want to keep trying and can't see me giving up, I'm just explaining that currently I feel a bit frustratred and disappointed. I thought by now I would be having some stronger dry Os, and more often too (and a super O looks so far away lol). As this is something I can't control I feel also a bit powerless on this, I don't know what I can do, neither if I can, to help me rewire, which renders also a bit of hopelessness.

    I feel there's nothing else for me to do other than keep doing it. I know relaxation is very important, and I'm not sure if I am doing it right, but I try to do it as best as I can, for example I guess standing 4 hours not moving a muscle counts for that. After a while things like this get tiring. I tried some muscle contractions but they also don't do much apart from the initial action (and anyway I'm looking more for uncontrolled, do nothing results).
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    You know what... I see some of my own experiences in what you say, Same goes for me

    for example;
    "My sessions generally need a large amount of time for anything to start, and by anything I mean more pleasurable muscle contractions (I guess they're pc contractions). This generally takes 1, 1 1/2 hours."

    Same goes for me. After 1 1/2 hours or more my muscles are more tired and I can contract them in order way smoother. Also they start almost moving by themselves a bit. And it feels more pleasurable, this I think is because the muscles are tired AND the prostate has already become stimulated. So naturally everything feels better. It may also be that the lube has dispensed more as well as your anal canal tightens up with the muscles, so you get better contact to the nerves. It might be lactic acid swelling them up a bit improving the contact and smoothness.

    I suggest you try this.... it worked for me.

    Do a session mid day with what ever model you want. Focus only on doing contractions, don`t go for pleasure at all. You`re goal is to give them a workout, and focus on how you can seperate the muscles used for different movements.

    Now, when you go to bed, pop in the MGX. This one gets good movement with me now (none when I started). You`re muscles are already a bit tired from earlier and your Prostate is probably already tingling from that.

    Do my shallow breath technique. You will find it in my posts or I can send you a PM that I recently shared to a friend. This will allow you to concentrate more about the feelings down there and your breathing rather than contracting. 
    Continue with this breathing buildup phase for and hour or two. Then if you have reached a good buildup of feelings and something resembling a veeery mini-O, roll over to your tummy and continue with the breathing technique. But then start contracting your PC slightly - keep it contracted. It`s har keeping it contracted so with me it automatically rolls over to a spinchter contraction, when you notice it has rolled over start over with the PC contraction. It will tighten up more and more as you go, so sometimes a really determined roll over to spinchter makes you start at light PC contraction again.

    Continue this... do whatever feels good at that time and continue doing it. Don`t be afraid to let go, you`re only along for the ride once you tip over the edge.

    Good luck man!
  • RSilvaRSilva
    Posts: 16

    The contractions I can do them and they feel good (just like nipple stimulation), but I can get a way that I may do it too well and I get a hands free wet orgasm, so it's not just keep pursuing the pleasure for me.

    That's one of the reasons I prefer the do nothing approach, it will only have to move what it has to move, sort of.
    What do you mean roll over to the tummy? I'm not a native english speaker so I don't know what this word means :)

    Thanks again
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Lay on your stomach :) From beeing in a fetal position first... I feel it`s easy to focus on my shallow breath method when on my stomach, because you notice how well your belly fills up or pushes out even though you do a shallow breath from completely exhaled lungs.
  • RSilvaRSilva
    Posts: 16
    Just doing another report.

    It's being 2 years now and unfortunately I don't feel any change since I wrote this a year ago.

    I always have some kind of pleasure, but that't is. I have some weak dry-os but only in some sessions. Yes it is good, but I never got anything that I would call overwhelming. It's decent and all, but for example far away from the pleasure of an ejaculatory orgasm.

    I have a question. I have pretty much all the models (everything by helix classic, eupho-syn and vice). I was thinking that maybe sticking to one model for some months would probably help, so what do you suggest? I was thinking helix syn might be a good "beginner" model? You see, I would call me a beginner because I'm definitively not getting most things from Aneros. In anal play I'm fine with any model, my first was ice and it is as confortable as any other.
    Or is switching out a good method?

    And yes, I still do feel frustrated by my journey. Yes, it's positive, but I can't avoid it :)