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A few thoughts from a semi-experienced user
  • Howdy everyone. Well, I made a super discovery today, plus I had a few thoughts that this experience led to. And I wondered if anyone had a comments to share, or that could fill in a few gaps.
    I don't consider myself gay, as I've never had a gay physical experience. You could say I'm curious, especially as being an Aneros user of a few years, these thoughts come to your head, like this must how a gay would make love, and this must be how a gay experiences sex, etc.
    Last week, for the first time I had a novel experience. During my session on that date, my thoughts turned to imagining I'm being penetrated. This is similar I think to what Brian Mansfield posted something a year or two back, where he shared a similar concept. Anyhow, when I was imaging this it caused a rush in my Aneros experience.
    I've had what I would call super-Os before, big ones, little ones etc. But this concept, this imaging, really sent me to a different place; it was very erotic and enjoyable.
    Today, not bearing this recent experience in mind, I had another session. Another day, another session. After an hour or so, of what was a somewhat pleasurable experience, not fantastic as maybe I was a little tired, but then I remembered my experience of that last time, so I entertained those same thoughts again. Whew. It caused a very different experience, like it acted as a trigger, to some sublimely beautiful sweet Os. On and on. As long as I kept this vision in my head, of being penetrated, it caused a definite upsurge.
    The funny thing is that I'm not "naturally" drawn or seemingly turned on my the male organs (sorry to be blunt here, maybe there's a more polite word, ha). But I  must admit, the cause and effect were quite tremendous.
    Anybody have any comments, or similar experiences?
    In the past, through my 4 years or so of Aneros usage, one thing I've fully established is that there's no magic formula for getting a super O, than relaxing and having no expectations. But this new wrinkle that I've just experienced, seems to have added another key.
    However it may be, I'm looking forward to my next session with this added incentive.
    Oh, yes, before I go, another thought. From what I understand, Aneros usage have certain health benefits. in massaging these inner areas etc. I would presume a sizable amount of the gay community would also be experiencing these same benefits. Is there documented proof that those that partake of gay sex, or at least those into anal sex, would there be evidence that their sexual health, or even just physical overall health, is superior? Just a question.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Welcome back!

    Like you, I don't consider myself gay either and I am in a positively heterosexual marriage..

    A couple of months ago, Forum member  @Darwin posted a thread in which he proposed the idea that being massaged with an Aneros toy could be, to a man, like being a woman experiencing penis-in-vagina sex. That suggestion really opened my eyes to a totally new view of Aneros activity and, I must say, has provided me with a mindset that has positively affected my Aneros experiences ever since.

    You might find his thread interesting. It's called "The Male Pussy".
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Don`t share you`re thoughts, however I find immagining my ass to be a womans that I`m having sex with does a great deal. Almost like I`m feeling what she`s feeling when I do her. Hehe....
    Works wonders! :)
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Or you could imagine that your woman or some attractive woman is pegging you with her Feeldoe or Share; I've used that image to get me going, with a fairly high level of success.
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176

    This is similar I think to what Brian Mansfield posted something a year or two back, where he shared a similar concept. Anyhow, when I was imaging this it caused a rush in my Aneros experience.

    Can anyone provide a link to Brian's posting if in fact he posted something to this effect that aneros use might dispose a guy to thougths of anal penetration by another guy?  Thanks

  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Turnrow said:

    This is similar I think to what Brian Mansfield posted something a year or two back, where he shared a similar concept. Anyhow, when I was imaging this it caused a rush in my Aneros experience.

    Can anyone provide a link to Brian's posting if in fact he posted something to this effect that aneros use might dispose a guy to thougths of anal penetration by another guy?  Thanks

    I sure hope you`re wrong. Don`t want to get disposed to having thoughts of anal penetration by another guy. I`m 110% hetrosexual and that thought would be a huuuuge turnoff..
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176

    I didnt say the underlined material.  Bill Bately did. That statement came from his post above.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    I think Bill Blately temporarily confused B. Mayfield with me.  I am guessing he had in mind the "Male Pussy" post of mine that Pommie cites above, or maybe some previous one of my controversial posts.  I don't recall Brian propounding this approach.  Not his style.

    Bill, what you describe is similar to my experience.  I routinely morph into "female" in my sessions and the results, for me, anyway, are spectacular.   I am glad you had this discovery.  Drop a line if you want to compare notes.

  • I edited my post, as I realized afterwards that Brian Mansfield, according to my memory, DID talk about being penetrated, but he didn't specify by a male. So wanted to clarify that.
    Wow, great responses guys, thanks for the feedback.
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    I am a gay man who's had and liked fucking with other men, actually being fucked to be precise. I can identify with your association to gay men's experience therefore. But it like you are more turned on by the penetration aspect of being fucked than man on man anal sex. There is a difference. I've never enjoyed watching porn with anal sex toys, finding them a turn off. However, I really enjoy anal sex especially when I'm the so-called passive, submissive bottom. I haven't been fucked in many years for several reasons but am looking forward to after my aneros sessions experience. I'll get back to this forum when I've completed this experiment.

    I didn't get the same prostate orgasms with being fucked that I get with the aneros. I use the erpho syn and the program jr. With them I feel wave after wave of pleasure all over, not the super-O which frightens me looking like seizures that I've seen. I like looking at porn with men fucking when the bottom gets into the same erotic alterred state that I identify with these aneros prostate orgasms. They can stand being fucked like this for a long time and by many men because they're in an alterred state and don't want it to stop. It doesn't hurt and is a very different experience from the one doing the fucking. That's why one often sees a guy being serially fucked without complaint. I can always tell when the guy being fucked is not liking it because he's grimacing and yelling in pain, obviously assigned to their role by some porn director who is more concerned about how the bottom looks than how they feel. This is a super turn off for me.

    So don't be worried about any unexpected feelings or images that come up during an aneros session. Enjoy them. Follow your bliss.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @euphemistic Thank you for your insight and candidness. In this homophobic world it shows real strength of character for a gay man to share his point of view.  
    Those men that say they have never thought about sex with another male are deluded. Its like people that say they have never masturbated or that they never fart.
    And before anyone arks up SAVE IT your deluding yourself. You cant prove it so why bother arguing about it! :-))
    I have many gay friends who I respect and although I am not close to them have thought there has to be something in it or why would it be. All of us thought the same about the aneros in the beginning......

    All I can say is I have lay there while the aneros fucks me tenderly like it is actually alive as it reacts to my thoughts, feelings and sounds which is not unlike what would happen with a real live human penis. It is not a very big stretch to think of it as a penis at all and if I felt safe a secure at the time while in the throws of my passion, if the aneros was replaced with a penis I may very well not bat an eyelid.
    As I am not gay by nature this is never gonna happen but as I am hetro it has not stopped me thinking about it now then has it....
    There is not gay or straight only different shades of grey. There only labels for the means of control by whoever.

    Yes thats right the matrix has you.

  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    meant to say "But it sounds like you are more turned on by the penetration aspect of being fucked than man on man anal sex. There is a difference." I just meant that the aneros experience is different from being fucked by a man. The similarity is the kind of euphoric trance one experiences with both. I recognize the look on some men's faces while being fucked that I imagine is on my face during an aneros session. It's a look of sensual immersion that could go on forever.

    That's what I meant by an abundance of pleasure. Men, including me, usually take climax and ejaculation as the limit of our sexual allotment, quickly followed by "the little death". With the help of an aneros I've learned that we don't have to accept our meager ration of sexual pleasure but can now take for granted an unexpected abundance of pleasure. No more sexual urgency and then disappointment when it's over. I can relax more around a sexual experience because I know where it comes from in my body and know it is abundant. Maybe if more men, straight or gay or anything, learned about this experience and were rewired to expect an expanded sexual experience, the change would eventually be reflected out in the world. What a concept.
  • Very good thread.  Truth is, there are actually men who are severely turned off by any aspect of gayness, in thought or action.  There are men who have never had a positive thought about gay sex.  Those men may be a very small number, but they exist, always have, and always will, thank God.  The diversity in this world ranges to every extreme, and there are some men who have never for a single second had a positive sexual thought or even the slightest tinkling of an interest in or about a woman.  The great thing about this forum is the acceptance, the tolerance of diversity.  To claim that every man has had this or that experience, such as even a passing thought about sexual interest in another male,  is to homongenize humanity unrealisticly. 
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    When I have an aneros session, I imagine myself hitting my prostate with the power of my kegel muscles. I don't have an inferiority complex. Let women envy our prostate, not the other way around. Prostate is a part of male body, I don't need to justify massaging it.

    While I'm bi-curious, I'd rather suck a cock. A penis would be good for several minutes, my sessions last at least one hour.
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    One hour? I've gone about 5 hours with the aneros. Is that excessive? And I could have gone longer but had things to do. I can ride the pleasure waves seemingly forever. I hope this experience enhances my experience of being fucked rather than spoiling it. BTW I thought that women just envied our penises. Sorry Freud.