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Aneros Resonance and Harmonics
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi guys,

    As some of you on this Forum may know, I am really into the Progasm Classic, Progasm Ice, and Maximus models. I described recently in a post that I consider the Progasm as my Energizer Bunny when it comes to Aneros autof**king. The result of my working with both the Progasm and Maximus models has been tons of pleasure for me and lots of fun!

    Yet in the last few weeks because of Aneros autof**king and Aneros autopilot I find myself falling into a meditative state, just by letting go, yet exercising greater focus and attention in the sensations coursing through my body as I Aneros. 

    But yesterday morning during my session, something new and amazing occurred. There was a subtle buzz and vibration coursing from my supercharged prostate through the shaft of my penis and ending up in my glans. It seemed that Aneros resonance and harmonics was occurring through my whole manhood. My penis was becoming plump, my glans was flaring out, and precum was oozing out of the cumhole [meatus] of my glans. There was also a delicious buzz in my glans frenular delta (I'm circumcised), my glans "sweet" spot. I think this is a phenomenon I need to pay attention to. It may lead me to something exciting.

    I use the terms resonance and harmonics as terms from the physics of materials science. 

    Have guys here experienced Aneros resonance and harmonics? Do you think that this phenomenon leads to a Super-O?

  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    I have only once BigGlansDC. I made a post about it about a month or 2 ago called P-wave control. When first learning to really pay attention to my prostate, I was able to focus on my prostate long enough that i could feel it contracting (or swelling). I did this until it felt rock hard inside me. Once at this point i then turned my attention to my glans (and had an image of a blue stream of energy going from my prostate to my glans) which made my whole penis feel great and particularly the glans. I then turned my attention to my balls and then found the same thing (although i found this more pleasurable). Out of my own interest i then  turned my attention to my upper left arm and found yet again the same pleasure in my bicep/tricep area. I did not have any precum however.

    I was very intrigued by this and wanted to investigate further. Unfortunatly since then i have not been able to do this again, and i am somewhat unable to achieve the same contracting feeling from my prostate.