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Suggestion to Aneros company.
  • View Poll Results: Would you be interested in a progasm Syn? Voters: 39

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    Yes bring it on Please! 29 74.36%

    No the Vice is fine even with the price. 10 25.64%

  • ThrusterThruster
    Posts: 52
    I'd like a device with minimal or no external protrusions, so I can sit comfortably and walk around without worrying it's going to eject.

    Much thanks @rumel.  Those smilies are even nicer than what I had in mind!  I particularly like the ones with the Red Ice --  AU_Insert -- currently my favorite, as it gave me some good progress this morning.
  • techpump said:

    I would LOVE an aneros that has a V shaped P-tab, not a nub.  My perineum is like a wide ridge and the p tab rolls to one side.  It makes the aneros go deeper with every move, but its not centered :(  I would love a C or V shaped tab so that it doesn't move; plus it might create a new pressure/pleasure on the perineum!?!

    I'd also really like an aneros that has a V or C shape where the toy meets the prostate.  To feel it slide across the sides of my prostate would be wonderful :)

    I think tech pump is on the money with this one. A winged-keel Aneros both on the p-tab and internal to cup the prostate. Mmm. 
  • Any thoughts on combining the Vice and the Muse? I would love to see that. My Vice will hold my Muse but not tight enough for all sensations to transfer since my vibe I got with the Vice died.

    I'd also like to see a large V-type tab on the front and back in place of the nubs on the Vice. I'd love to see the rear tab to be more curved and longer on the Vice too so you felt it more. Something like a small set fingers that would be separated some in place of each nubby tab with another one firmer in the center, possibly, for producing that tactile rub when in contractions over the perineum. The back could be with just a firmer set of projections.

    Finger-like indentations or a bigger Vice with V-shapes built into it to enhance sensation might work wonderfully too internally. 
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @thruster  -  Why not go for the DeVice?  It's much less expensive than the Vice.