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1st sessions
  • jeffmjeffm
    Posts: 3
    Got the syn today. This is my first time messing with my prostate. So I found the insertion to be pretty much easy, but while just contracting I felt no stimulation, but manually moving it I definately felt it hitting the prostate. It felt like it was hitting the base of my penis. I also felt a sorta sharp point at times.
    so my question is for hands free do I need to go bigger or just practice and find my way?
  • newguy8762newguy8762
    Posts: 198
    This is not a one-time, slam - bam - thank you ma'am type of experience. It takes time to get your pelvic muscles acclimated to the Aneros and it takes time for your prostate to awaken...or as some call it rewire.

    There's lots of good advice on the forum, particularly the wiki. If you search for other posts from me, you'll find my regimen, which has produced consistently good results for me. But, I was used to prostate play from my wife and my own masturbation from when I was a teen. Still, it took me time to allow the Aneros to do it's thing.

    When things really kick in to gear, it will feel like your penis is being stimulated from the inside as Aneros massages your prostate. And, of course, the Super O, when it arrives, is an incredible, almost spiritual sexual high.

    So, take your time, learn from others and enjoy the journey.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Practice and find your way. Rarely do men figure this out and achieve some sort of dry orgasm within the first few sessions. That's why we call this prostate massage thing a "journey".
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    @ jeffm - your description of first experiences is very typical and almost everyone thinks "I should have gone bigger," but that is not true.  Your Syn should be a great starting tool (my absolute favorite is actually the smallest one they make, the Eupho) and so I would say stick with what you have now for at least several months.  With first experiences you usually won't feel much of anything except for something "uncomfortable in there" with perhaps at most feeling contact with that pleasant little "sweet spot" inside (your prostate) if you manually move it, as you've already noticed.

    But give it time, and practice the relaxation and holding gentle pulling in contractions of your bladder sphincter (the muscle you "pull in" with to cut off urine flow) and see if you can get some funny wormy feeling involuntary movements going in your anus when doing so.  It helps me to tickle my nipples also to get this going.  Over the course of a number of practice sessions with it you should get to the point these wormy anal contractions will progress to your whole rectum involuntarily "sucking in" the massager and gripping it for a few seconds to maybe half a minute.  When you get to that point it won't be too many sessions before you'll feel this involuntary contraction being accompanied by a warm building-up feeling inside your pelvis that with continued practice will flow all the way out into your penis with this wonderfully fantastic intensely burning hot feeling like you're trying to ejaculate but can't--a prostate or "super" orgasm.

    And most importantly, don't be in a hurry with all this.  Enjoy each session seeing what new feelings you'll experience realizing that some sessions will seem to show more progress in terms of the sensations you'll feel than others, but remembering that, just like working out at the gym and having good days and flat days, it will take all of them to get you there.  The benefits to your urinary and prostate health and sexual function, especially as you grow older, will be well worth it.
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 179
    I've been at this for a month and a half, and don't feel my prostate yet either. Things are getting more interesting for me though. It just takes time and patience. Good luck. :)