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Got some interesting results/"build ups" when trying a new method..
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    I hope this can help anyone that have a hard time getting results with the "traditional" methods.

    The preperations:
    The last few days I`ve had a few dud-sessions, tried both progasm, helix and MGX without results(no good feelings). Ended up doing exersizes instead for a few hours with each.

    But today I actually had a "murring" sensation down there a few hours after I ejaculated, it was a feeling of... something.. don`t know how to explain it.. almost like a nervous feeling deep inside my abdomen. Still - I decided to go with it.

    Now.. I had went to the bathroom a few hours in advance, so for once I didn`t care about flushing the system beforehand. From now on I will actually always wait an hour or two before I slide in the aneros.

    The method:
    Deep breats haven`t given me any reults, and I`ve only had results one time I`ve done active exercises with PC and sphincter.

    Now, I started laying on the side the first 15 minutes like I always do. Listening to my breath and concentrating on the feelings of sligth invoulantary movements like I always get in the start when relaxing.

    Now I flipped over - on my stomach, lying on the hard couch. For once I didn`t use a pillow under my stomach to get elevation. And I didn`t really spread my legs very far. I just found a good position using my hands as a low pillow instead of a real one this time.

    I noticed that I got a really good build up of sensations when just concentrating on my breathing while also concentrating on relaxing everything down there.

    Here is what I found to be key. I alternated with breathing with REALLY short breaths after exhaling completely, and when I felt I really got a short supply of oxygen I switched to NORMAL breath, but both kinds of breathing were done engaging the stomach. With that I mean concentrating on breathing so that my stomach was involved in the process (outwards when breathing in). I got buildups when doing both kinds of breathing.

    Sadly, when I got to a good buildup of good feelings / a tingling sensation I lost concentration on my breathing and I think I focused on the feeling to much - so it subsided every time that happened. I really should have "tried to let go, and go along with the ride".

    I found it really important to relax down there, because all you do for movement in the aneros is slight breathing. If your spinchter or PC muscles are engaged while doing this you won`t get much movement. Only veggy-oil as lubricant this time, no petroleum jelly.

    Why I think this was effective:
    1. When breathing with shorts breath while almost exhaled you get a nosion of mild self-suffication. This makes you consiously concentrate on this and allows your unconsious to do it`s thing. The build up in sensations saldy peaked the consious focus again - I need to learn to disengage this focus.

    2. The slight movement done by this breathing was enough. I could feel my prostate pulsing everytime I exhaled and it went inwards.

    3. It was easier to relax when not having to concentrate on rythmicly engaging any mucles down there. Easier to enjoy the feelings.