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The Aneros Workout
  • clubhardclubhard
    Posts: 60
    The past session I had with my syn on Friday night was crazy. I have had the shakes and convulsions before but not like this session ever. Almost throughout the entire session I was shaking very hard. The spasms got more violent as the session progressed. I would have O's where my hips would completely contract and I could not move them back they were indeed stuck in the air and would also force me to throw my head into it
    as well and it was like I was being forced to do abdominal crunches. I literally could not control this and it continued through the session and got to a point where I experienced a massive amount of sweat and during this sweat it lead me to an extremely powerful Super O and during the Super O I was stuck in the crunch position. This session was unlike any other that I have experienced and almost scary the violent shaking was so bad. Once the shaking completed I then went into another wonderful Super O.  I was sore the next day in my abs like I worked my abs hard lol.

    The next night I was not going to do anything at all but I just layed down in my bed and very quickly the anerosless calm seas orgasm hit me and was a wonderful ending calm seas super O. I didn't even do anything for this to happen. Then Sunday night again the calm seas O hit me as soon as I laid down again and I continued a anorosless session for a few hours and was amazing, Now I got my eupho today so might try the eupho tonight but then again also may try to give things a rest because my abs are still sore and don't want to make prostate sore either.