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question on posting super-o video link here
  • I read through the agreement when signing up for this forum & it sounds like were not suppose to post links to videos? I am trying to get a video or two of a super-O online to help spread the word & maybe open a few people up to the possibility this is real. It looks like I will have to use a streaming site, so before I put my ass on the internet will a link be allowed to remain here? Its as non-pornish as I could make it, with me just laying on my stomach with the camera about 6 feet away (basically it just shows my butt & legs, with a little white tab poking out). I don't know if I will go through with it if I can't keep it posted here, but even if not I think having videos of men having multiple full body orgasms can help slowly change mens minds on what is possible so I'll probably do it, but I would like to help contribute to the forum if possible. Anyway, if anyone knows for sure or an admin comes by let me know! 

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484 before I put my ass on the internet will a link be allowed to remain here?

    Welcome to the Forums,

    Hyper links to external sites carrying adult video materials are permitted on this site (e.g. see 2013 Aneros Videos). However, direct uploads of such videos are NOT permitted on this site except for videos which already occur on the public sites of YouTube or Vimeo which then may be uploaded as a posting attachment. If the video passes scrutiny for acceptability on those two sites it will be accepted here (e.g. see examples displayed in The F-Spot thread).
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