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just not my toy?
  • grayfoxgrayfox
    Posts: 81

    I'm using aneros devices (helix and progasm) regularly for more than three years now but with altogether so little success that I'm slowly doubting that this approach will ever work for me. As I already described in earlier threads of mine, I feel like I'm generally on the right track. I almost always get some yet very very little responses, I always leak precum during sessions and I might even get little to medium p-waves. This, however, happens very sparingly and isn't something I can steer or induce in any way.
    The trouble already starts before my sessions. Getting properly aroused while not overdoing it and falling back to penis-centered, traditional approaches or getting impatient in general is a very tough thing to do. And then there's also this long-winded preparation which doesn't make it easier and kinda generates expectation no matter what, even if only on a subconcious level. Especially right now, where I have extreme set-backs for a couple weeks, deciding to having a session isn't something that lets me jump out of my seat.
    Anyway, as soon as I insert the device all the doubts are temporarily gone and I feel relaxed and well. I've always had trouble getting somewhere with the do-nothing technique but it somehow seems like the better approach to follow than actively contracting and interfering more and more with the device as the session goes on. So for about 1,5 years I'm trying to go mostly with do-nothing and I've relatively quickly gotten to a point where the device in itself creates this tiny and not yet pleasurable mini-responses. As I said, eventually they sometimes even build up to something which might be a small to medium p-wave but this is basically the point I haven't passed yet.
    Usually for the first 30-45 minutes of my sessions, I'm very curious and focussed on what the device will return to me this time and I wouldn't say I'm completely unhappy with these little responses. But then, it's like I just lose my interest. Everything stays on this very low level, I find it very exhausting keeping up my mental focus and arousal for that long of a time and since there's hardly no amplifying pleasure from the device, the tiny twitches and feelings will eventually completely subside. Sometimes I even find myself napping for a little bit.
    I know that some guys here suggest to have longer sessions but mine are over after 45-60 minutes and the longer I try to force it, the worse it gets. I wouldn't say I'm completely frustrated by sessions like this, but I don't celebrate the day I bought this device either.
    Of course I've also tried all this other stuff like sleeping in it and the like but all these things degrade the aneros even more to only a piece of plastic up my bum.
    I really don't know what else to try or how get further on my journey...
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @grayfox - Please don't get too discouraged. You've got good things going on already. You just seem to be taking a lot longer to figure it out and re-wire than the majority. If it makes you feel any better, I've been at this for just over six years without having achieved super-O's yet. But I've made slow and steady progress. Naturally, no one can really say with absolute certainty why you are at where you are at in your Aneros journey. But I can certainly tell you what has worked for me.

    The two biggest things that has helped me along has been to do Aneros sessions as often as my body allows. Usually once a day is not atypical and preferred when I'm in good form and have the time. I find that the repetition and normalcy of doing it so often not only ingrains the practice in my head, but also discharges a lot of expectation, as it becomes a very normal "everyday" thing to do. The other thing that helps me a lot is ejaculatory abstinence practice. This keeps my arousal very high. And thusly makes Aneros sessions much more productive.

    Also, don't feel like you have to have a certain time minimum on Aneros sessions. If it's not doing anything for you one particular day after ten or fifteen minutes, don't force yourself to keep going. Let it go and try another day. I've had periods in my practice where I wasn't getting much, so my sessions would often be short. Forcing yourself just turns it into a chore, rather than something to look forward to.

    Last but not least, be adventurous and exploratory with your sessions. Try new things or techniques. And if one particular thing doesn't work, move on. I hope this helps you discharge some of the disappointment and discouragement I hear in your post and encourages you to keep at it. :)
  • EngorgedEngorged
    Posts: 105
    What works for me obviously may not work for you but here's my take on your situation. This practice can also be used for ANY situation and for me has been a lifestyle change due to the efficiency I obtain through it which allows for less downtime and more 'GO' time.
    I treat my sessions like I'm going to the gym. I have a plan, prep and initiate it while putting a majority of my focus on the most important aspect of training. Use realistic plans so you can achieve them. It's nice to always find a Super O or MMO but its not always going to happen. At the same time going into it not having a goal causes you to lose focus and can lead to poor practices. The more you practice these poor habits the more you make them a part of your routine.
    Like serving a tennis ball you would want to practice hitting it as hard as you can but still being abled to control it. You wouldn't do this at the end of your practice but at the beginning because if you're tired you're not going to be able to serve as efficiently as when you're fresh. The conditioning would be the running and returning but without having the proper stance and motion you're not doing yourself a favor. Soon serving consistently won't be an issue so you can focus on something else.
    If anything use every session as a guide so you eliminate the inessentials. 
    Maybe set your sessions up so you can just relax and find a good base to work off. Keep using that practice so you're more efficient at it; cutting out the fluff and getting to the finer points. Once you have those sets it will take shorter and shorter to reach it. The big thing is that it will take less time to get here so you can shift your focus to something new.
    You want to dedicate the majority of your strength, will power and efficiency to those finer points while you are still fresh and energetic. The other practices will follow afterwards but will be used more for conditioning and endurance. There's no point in trying to do something when your mind or body is incapable of doing it. Don't set yourself up for a failure IF you know it's not going to work. Take that out and try something new or different.
    Focus on what feels good and what makes you relaxed. Focus on being open to changes whether small or big. Be aware of the changes and build off of the positive changes.
    My prep time used to be an hour. Now it's minutes. My focus is usually towards breathing and contractions finding the path that works every time and sticking to it. Staying focused on the good feelings. The conditioning is last because that's where I'm just going for the ride. Its not hard to do the exercises but it is difficult to staying focused to what it is doing to me and being aware of it.
    Most of my time is now used for enjoyment and it doesn't seem like a chore but a goal. I typically WANT to keep my sessions short because when I get tired I don't want to practice poor habits that detract from the good.
    Plan, prep, initiate and focus! Be open and have fun! It may take days, weeks or months but you will chip away at the unimportant things while focusing on the positives. Hopefully you will be able to quickly find that happy spot and stay there for as long as you like.
    Don't give up! I love my Aneros but I've found other means to all those awesome feelings and emotions it gives me that it has shattered walls. It will be worth it.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    @grayfox, from a brief read, it sounds like you have put far too much effort into preparation and maintaining arousal. Please note I am probably at your level. My prep is minimal. A localized wash as I often do at other times, a small injection of prelube, anoint the Aneros, insert and lie down. I don't bother with arousal. Then I accept what I get. I am very content with the small responses that seem to be increasing. I also appreciate the relaxation and non stressful mind awareness of the Aneros. I am wary of reading the posts of folk who are getting high level responses as it increases the dreaded expectation.
    I apologise if I have misread you post.
  • Grayfox, I know that your post is old,but I have had my Helix for a year and a half and it does nothing for me at all.