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I already own a Progasm, what other model should I get?
  • emgeemge
    Posts: 7

    I own a progasm as my first aneros toy ever since november 2012 and made quite a bit of progress (lots of pleasure, no super o's yet though ;). Now I'm thinking about getting a second model because based of what I read on this an other forums the the experience seems to differ quite a bit between the different types.

    Now I' a bit lost in which direction to go. The progasm fits me quite fine and I have no problems accomodating it, my only issue seems to be that my involuntary contractions go from 5% to 90% within seconds and I cant manage to keep contractions about 25 to 50 % which probably is due to the size of the progasm.

    I already had a look through the forums but just found posts from people 'upgrading' from a smaller aneros to to an prograsm, not the other way round. Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome!

    best regards, emge
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    If you're looking for something that is easier to control, a smaller device may indeed be the way to go.  It's not that the Progasm isn't capable of subtlety, it's simply that it takes some fine muscle control to do it.  This is something that can be achieved with practice, but if your desires are more immediate there are other massagers that will get you on your way.  Of the models that are currently offered I would recommend two given your situation.   The decision between them comes down to if you prefer a rigid device over a semi-rigid one (a rigid device over-coated with silicone).

    The Progasm Jr. is a terrific new model from Aneros that incorporates many of the same design features of the Progasm into a more compact unit.   The Helix Syn features several refinements of the tried-and-true Helix Classic (a new abutment tab and re-sculpted base) with the addition of the smoothness and silkiness of a silicone exterior.   Given that the Junior is a rigid device it is the more aggressive of the two products.   Both models are very responsive.


    BF Mayfield 
  • varmintvarmint
    Posts: 94
    Great question!  I'm a Progasm slut and often wonder what other models I should try!

    A nice change of pace for me is my Helix.  After Pro you can't tell anything is there other then pleasure coming from within driving you crazy.  It's like magic.  Definitely easier to manage contractions, but may be a little on light side for pressure for someone used to Progasm.  I would go Syn as flat p-tab on classic can hurt if not positioned right.

    From chat's I've had you can go:
     - Pro Jr for smaller more maneuverable Pro
     - Eupho for extreme movement
     - MGX for big size but more nimble then Pro
     - Peridise set for training
     - Vice for vibe and silicon feel

      I'm like you and have hard time figuring out next toy after Pro.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    I learned on the progasm then went to the helix classic (helix syn wasnt available at the time), then to the eupho.  The helix was an eye opener for me, and the eupho feels great but hasnt produced many O's.  Like varmint said, going to the helix was different, sometimes my O's would throw me off, cause it didnt feel like the helix was doing anything, now after many uses, you can definately feel it bouncing around.  Hope that hleps.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Like @varmint, I am a 100% Progasm slut. I love the sleek, smooth action of Progasm Ice and Progasm Black Ice. I adore the rugged, masculine action of the Progasm Classic, which in the last couple months or so has become my Aneros best buddy.

    The Helix Syn introduced me to Anerosing early June 2012. Two months later, I added Maximus to my sessions and then a month later both the Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic. Last November, I added Helix Classic as well. In most of my sessions, I'll use Helix Classic, Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic. I just love how the small and large models work together and compliment each other in my sessions.

  • emgeemge
    Posts: 7
    After some consideration I ordered a helix syn yesterday ... I'll post an update and let you guys know how it compares to the progasm once I gave it some thourough testing