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A true understanding of "tangent"
  • I've had my Syn for 8 months now and I use it minimum 3 times a week. I have to say, looking back, where I started from thinking the thing doesn't work to where I am now is a huge difference. Every time I seem to get closer and closer and oh so frustratingly closer but never quite reaching that elusive feeling that is "over the top" or "the crossover". My sessions are incredibly pleasurable, and what used to take about an hour to get to during a 2 hour session now I get there in about 30-45 minutes during a 90 minute session and the feelings are getting stronger.

    It feels exactly like a tangent curve.... infinitely close to the line but never crossing over. I've definitely learned that "letting go" is the secret.. not just relaxing but really REALLY letting the orgasm be given to you and not giving it to yourself. The best phrase I heard that helped me along with this was "relax into the feeling" when you feel yourself tensing up which is the natural male response to orgasm, you need to go the opposite direction and sink into the orgasm and let it happen to you.  Hopefully in a few days weeks or months I can post my "it finally happened" thread, but until then.. journey on people!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Terrific observations.  "Letting the orgasm be given to you.."  Or as we often say,  let your body show you the way !   Years ago I wrote about the notion of  "focused passivity" ,  the idea that one is exploring new forms of subtle stimulation while developing a kind of active awareness at the same time.  None of this can be forced.  Remaining open is the key.  Bear in mind that the sensations that prefigure a Super-O are subtle enough to be easily ignored...particularly by individuals who are inured to the concept of more is better, i.e. where the force of stimulation and intensity of sensation are directly proportional.  The fact is when it comes to encouraging and promoting a Super-O, the exact opposite is often the case...that is,  less is more

    Rest assured that while the path to the whole body orgasm may take on the appearance of a "tangent curve" or a limit of some sort, there is ultimately a breakthrough or cross-over event.  

    Explore, enjoy and remain accepting of everything that comes your way and things will reveal themselves to you.

    BF Mayfield
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Emancipation - That's great! And I totally agree with you. My further progress has evolve from finally getting the "relax and do nothing" approach. And now that when I start to feel more intense pleasure sensations, I relax into it, rather than tense and consciously contract muscles. And this causes even more pleasure. Weeeeeeeeeee! :D
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    I fully agree with this. "Go with the flow" approach. I endeavour to "sink down" into the sensation. This in itself can be a most rewarding experience. I breath out slowly and then gently hold there and wallow , float or sink. Drift into the warm glow.
  • 1s0e1a9n1s0e1a9n
    Posts: 6
    So from my understanding, what you are saying is that using your consciousness to delay or prevent any natural responses from even the slightest sensation your body can feel in order to maximize its pleasure?

    For instance,when tickling the sole of your foot, your natural body responses are flinch and contractions with pleasure. However, you can use your willpower to make sure your foot stay still without moving a toe,somewhat like bearing whatever comes. Only you're not actually bearing it but enjoy it. Through the days of practice, you will become less responsive to this type of stimulation; instead, you will feel a kind of pleasure wave (I'm not sure if this should be called a wave) generating from the sole of your foot, and eventually you might be able to move the wave to any part of your body.

    I think I might be wrong because the itchy feeling by tickling the sole of your foot is a completely different sensation from what your sex organs provide, and there is no foot orgasm.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    "...there is no foot orgasm"

    In fact there is.   As one goes down this path one discovers that sensation (touch) shares the same currency, no matter it's location.   While there are certain areas of the body that have a higher density of nerve endings (genitals, mouth, fingertips),  areas with less density (back of the arms  and legs) are just as capable of triggering orgasmic responses.  This is a concept that is well establish in Tantric and Daoist circles where they recognize a greatly expanded erogenous zone landscape.  For those of us who have explored more atypical erogenous zone stimulation and experienced orgasms as a result, it largely amounts to interpreting stimuli differently, in essence "re-purposing"  it. 

    This isn't necessarily about actively stopping your body from experiencing a "natural" response, but rather about shifting focus and reinterpreting sensation in a erotic way.   Yes, there are people in this forum that have experienced nipple, ear lobe, hand, navel and foot orgasms!  I've had many powerful orgasms as a result of having my toes sucked.   The sensation that arises from this seems hardwired into the genitals.  Once you're off onto this course, the possibilities are endless!   

    BF Mayfield

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I'm pleased to hear of your acceptance of the "Go With the Flow" concept.GWTF
    IMHO it is absolutely a fundamental precept to entering the Super-O zone.

    You said "Every time I seem to get closer and closer and oh so frustratingly closer but never quite reaching that elusive feeling that is "over the top" or "the crossover". To which 'B F Mayfield' responded "Rest assured that while the path to the whole body orgasm may take on the appearance of a "tangent curve" or a limit of some sort, there is ultimately a breakthrough or cross-over event." I would like to add that this crossover event is not so much a physical event (the PONR) as in a traditional penile based ejaculatory orgasm, as it is a psychological threshold of emotional understanding. It is more like crossing the threshold of the doorway leaving your house to go outside, you leave your accustomed environment to step into a much wider, richer and varied sensory world, full of mystery and adventure.

    @1s0e1a9n, Please read and re-read 'BF Mayfield's posts above until you fully grasp their significance. The path to the Super-O is NOT about "...using your consciousness to delay or prevent any natural responses...", it is about using your consciousness to be actively aware while simultaneously being consciously passive in directing the body's actions. In your example, using your willpower (ego consciousness) to stifle and suppress the body's natural response to the point that you've programmed yourself to not respond at all will almost assuredly preclude your ability to Super-O. Letting go of conscious control and surrendering control to you subconscious will take you far into the realm pleasure.
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