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MGX and the Progasm - figured out why they don`t work for me!
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Hey all,
    have felt my Prostate react to the Helix, but only when I used a rubber band to hook it up to my dick and balls. So I figured I`d go large or go home.

    Ordered the MGX and the Progasm... Been having my first 4 hour session with them.. first the MGX, then the Progasm. The bigger I went, the less it hit the spot. But here`s the thing, when I pulled the Progasm out so that it only had the "top of it" inside me, then it hit the spot.

    In other words, my P-spot is waaaay further down than any of the models offer... that sucks. Especially after having bought three models.

    I will continue using the Helix regularly and might try the MGX and Progasm some times.. but if they don`t offer me anything - then why use them?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    It would seem that the models you have are overshooting your prostate.   Given what you've described I believe that the SGX would be your best choice.   The SGX features a shorter body than any of the other devices.   If you purchased through the Aneros website within the last 90 days you may be eligible to return one of them for credit.    Give their customer service dept. a call and see if you might arrange an exchange for the SGX!  

    BF Mayfield 
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Alex_xxx, I am only in phase 1 and the SGX seems to get to the right spot. The MGX is a bigger version of the SGX so it does sort of work as a variation for me. it prepares me for the return to the SGX.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Sadly I ordered them all from the UK, US was to far.

    Think I'll wait till they make a version that is SGX or shorter height with the girth of he progasm.

    Or maybe I'll just look around for other alternatives to Aneros.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Alex_xxx - I'd like to suggest another possibility...

    I noticed on myself a while back that there is another pleasurable spot somewhere along the top side of my anal canal. But I know for a fact that this is not my prostate. It feels nice, and I can gently squeeze those muscles to make the Aneros rub against that spot for an extra occasional thrill. But it's not my prostate. This could be the pleasure spot you are feeling. Don't let this fool you. You are not the first new user to mention a pleasurable spot closer to the anus.

    I think it's quite possible that you as a relatively new Aneros user, have not awakened your prostate, so can't identify, or feel gentle massage against it yet. You've got three really good Aneros models now. Just practice with them regularly, and don't make any expectations about when or how you should be feeling pleasure. Just enjoy the sessions for what they are and what you get out of them. It really can take time for some men to progress on this journey. If it makes you feel any better I'm on the extreme end having been at this for six plus years and still have not achieved super-O's. Keep in mind though that this is atypical. Most men figure it out within one year's time.

    The other thing, is I suspect that you are still wired and somewhat attached to needing to feel sensations from your penis. Hence the rubber band used somewhat like a cock ring and attached to your Helix. I bet what is going on here is that this gives you some mild penile stimulation as you contract with the Helix inserted. I suggest you read the following post if you haven't already. This Aneros prostate massager practice really is a new paradigm of pleasure for men that kind of messes with our previous understanding and beliefs, in a good way, about how and where we experience pleasure in our body.

    Penis, NOT!

    Your frustration and response of buying more new Aneros models because your are not feeling anything is extremely typical of some new users. And I'd urge you to relax, stop worrying about not feeling your prostate, it's there and it will awaken with regular practice and time. The tools/models you have are likely quite sufficient to do the job.

    Please feel free to continue to send back responses and questions here. I know for myself I'd like to see you get something out of this. And I'm sure other guys here would to, including the Aneros company that you bought their lovely toys from. But you just have to trust that this does not necessarily happen overnight, or with just a few sessions. Also please check out the milestones section of the Aneros WIKI.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    when i first read this, thats what i kinda thought, and agree with love is.  "IF" your relatively new to aneros play, then yes, its totally normal to not feel anything, and I mean anything in the beginning.  You may not even feel much for the first month, everyone is different and has a different learning curve, so It could take some time to generate the pleasure feelings.  Keep at it.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Love_is brings up a excellent point, it's conceivable that your prostate is not yet sensitized.   It is a good idea to make sure you know what you're dealing with.   The surest way to find out where your prostate is is to locate it yourself using your finger.  This may be done laying on your side or in a squatting position.   A direct insertion involves using the back of the finger to probe or as an alternative it may be possible to reverse your hand so that your finger tip can be curled in a come hither motion.  In addition, if your thumb is on the longer side (as mine is) you'll find that it's perfectly suited for the task.  Since the thumb "opposes" the fingers it allows you to angle the tip inward extending your reach.  The web of the palm engages and contours around to the perineum (allowing you to press inward without your fingers getting in the way).  

    If your hand is not set up for this,  there is another method using an Aneros that involves gently titling the massager upwards towards your navel until you feel it stop.  Maintaining that angled position, slowly withdraw the Aneros making note of when and where you feel sensation.  Admittedly this method is more indirect, but by manually angling the Aneros you may find that your prostate is deeper into your rectum than you think.  (This way may not be as helpful as digital exploration, if your prostate is in a dormant state with respect to sensation as per Love_is' post).  Nonetheless it's worth exploring before you go spending any more money on any more of these devices.   And with respect to looking elsewhere, I think you'll have a difficult time finding devices that are shorter and yet larger in girth than the typical Aneros.   The only thing that might fit that bill would be a butt plug. 

    Again, it would seem that the first bit of business should be locating your prostate and getting a rough idea of how deep it is inside your rectum.  There is another plus to this, assuming that you haven't previously attempted this,  it may permit you to find out what your level of prostate sensitivity is, and to become more aware of what this kind of stimulation feels like.

    BF Mayfield
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Hello all,  Love_is, ineverknew and B Mayfield

    1. The rubberband 
    use is not to feel any sensations in my penis, on the contrary - it actually hurts after a while. 
    It just fells like the Helix is better hitting my prostate when I use it.

    2. The feeling
    of something against my prostate.
    Is it supposed to be kind of good annoying feeling? Almost like tooth-ache, and you just want to squeeze it harder? If so, that`s what I`m feeling. And it`s greater when I squeeze over the aneroz with a contraction intended to hold (not suck or push out).

    3. My prostate
    starts 1.2 inches above the opening. I slid a finger up there yesterday to check if I could feel where it started. It started before I could get to the second joint of my middle finger. Approximately 1.2 inches up. That is if my prostate is what feels like the start of a huge bump. I actually have pretty small hands...

    4. Is it not
    my prostate that I feel pulsing when I use the helix? Something beating at the same rate as my heart down there. and I think it`s my prostate. If it is, has it not already been awakened?

    I will
    however, as you all recommend - continue using the models even though they all don`t give me the right sensations. Yesterday I found out that it really feels good squeezing the Progasm Ice. 
    The only issue I have with it is that it a few times slips out. But on the way out.... oh my god does it feel good. Almost like pleasure from a pain almost like toothache like I described earlier. I just want to press it harder.

    About the milestones
    I can check everyone down to "Definite feeling of contact on prostate". I do believe my prostate is the "sweet spot" but I wont check that box until I know for sure.

    I can also check:

    "Moaning during sessions" (and I`m not a moaner) with "Involuntary clamping, without sense of climax"

    "Sense of pleasure caused by blood pulse internally"

    Byt there`s a kicker - those best feelings I`ve had at the best when applying the rubber band to increase P-spot contact.

    Cudos to you for having been at this for six plus years without a super-O. I hope you reach your destination soon!