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anal contractions
  • why can i only get pleasure from anal contractions but when i try the rectal , abdominal , pc contractions i get no pleasure whatsoever.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Of the types of contractions that you listed, anal contraction provides the most force and does so the most directly in terms of pressure on the prostate.    Abdominal and PC contraction produce far more subtle movement of the massager.  While rectal contraction generates a greater amount of force than that of the abdominal  or PC muscles the stimulation that it yields on the prostate is more indirect.  

    That is not to say that these other contractions as not as useful.  To the contrary,  in many cases they have proven to be the keys to user success!   It's that subtler forms of stimulation take time to fully appreciate.   As ones rewires and awakens the prostate, the benefits of PC contractions will become more apparent.


    BF Mayfield