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Question For Peridise Users!
  • I've had the complete peridise set for a little while now. I usually start with the largest and then swap to the second largest of the set after a little while.

    My question is: IF you change, when do you guys change peridise models during a session? Do you go through all of them or do you just stick to one or two models?

    I'm curious! 
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Whatever you want and whatever you have time for; some stick to the largest for several sessions, then go to the next smaller for several sessions and so on, and others start with the biggest and after a while switch it out for the next smaller one until they are done or out of time.  It's wide open; try them all, if you like.
  • @nothing1234567 - check out some of @spyeg 's recent blog entries, in the Aneros Blogs area.  He details his four week use of them (from thickest Peridise to thinnest Peridise).  It might be useful information for you as well.
  • spyegspyeg
    Posts: 24
    @nothing1234567 I got the full Peridise set and after a few exploratory sessions decided that they're more for toning then for play. During my early stages, I tried switching sizes after a bit of time, but found that it didn't change anything (sensation wise). Ultimately, I found that giving my body at least a solid hour of practice with the Peridise did more for toning my pelvic floor than several weeks of constant Aneros use.

    As an experiment, I decided to forego the typical Aneros sessions and just use the Peridise for a month straight, with a week dedicated to each size (starting with the largest). My thoughts and experiences can be found on my blog and ultimately is a weekly review of each size of the Peridise set. The only thing that I'm disappointed with in buying the full set is that I spent a week with each size, and then the only time I ever go back is to the smallest size. Almost seems like a waste of the rest of the set... However, I'm thinking I might do a "refresher" course soon to make sure my pelvic floor is properly exercised and get the most use I can out of the complete Peridise toolset.
  • praxyonpraxyon
    Posts: 17
    @nothing1234567 - Since the smallest Peridise is very mobile I am able to achieve strong involuntary contractions without much effort. Similarly with spyeg, I now exclusively use the smallest Peridise as it gives me the most pleasure.

    Eventually you should be able to get anal Os from your Perdise. It feels like a pulsating worm crawling around near your anus. Something cool to look forward to!