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A new sensation.
  • After reading lots of stories about the "out of the body" experience, I have to admit that I've been very intrigued by it. On the last couple of session I have experience something new and I would like to share it with you to see what you think. Both sessions were very similar so I'll just describe in general what happened.

    Once I have the aneros in and I am on my back with my knees bent and my feet on the ground I really just try to relax and put my body in charge by completely letting go. The involuntary contractions start after a few minutes and around 20 minutes in I start getting some nice sensations going. Some of these sensations vary from the small tingling around the body to the feeling of some warm liquid moving inside my penis. I read somewhere that when you are starting to feel an orgasm building, you should not try to make it happen by contracting, even if they are soft contractions. Instead you should just relax and enjoy the ride and don't get frustrated if this sensations go away for a moment. If you let your body become the driver and you just sit back and concentrate on what is going on with your body you will see that the sensations will come back and will get stronger. Once the sensations got stronger and I was as relaxed as I could be I noticed that I stated to feel like I was becoming weightless and almost float away. Then I stated getting a contraction that slowly got stronger and stronger making my penis harder and harder. I had some nice sensation on my penis and at some points it felt like it was almost vibrating from the inside. At some point my hole body started to shake and I got a couple of dry orgasms but I don't think that I had any p-waves which by the way I can't wait to start feeling. After about 5 minutes the shaking went away and the orgasms stopped. Now my main questions are if the weightless feelling along with the sensation of levitating is what people refer as the out of the body experience and could this be considered the starting of a mini O.

  • artformartform
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    Welcome passionboy44!! :D :D

    Your technique is generating several types of responses that can come at anytime during our journeys with Aneros and toward full prostate awakening. Great stuff all!!

    Men here can find themselves with many different responses and in no particular order. My journey and analytic nature find the best mapping of this spectrum to be the Taoist sexual kung fu and qigong one: Jing (semen-centred for males, life essences, sexual energies)>>> Chi/Qi (general life force energies, vitality, core health, martial arts)>>> Shen (spiritual orgasms, still body floating bliss, through-the-body travel, highest order martial arts, universal union, encountering presence, sharable healing energies, profound peace and grace, deep lasting contentment). This is just hints at how these energies may manifest. :D

    So it seems you were up into the initial floating levitating spiritual realm, from which out-of-body or ttb can launch, as your body/mind explores your potential early in your journey.
    From Shen your bod shifted to try out Jing and your root chakra's sexual energizing circuits, then into whole body active body energies, where you do not mention sexual feelings explicitly, possibly therefore into the Chi/Qi life-force level, or still in Jing?
    Minis and drys can feel more or less sexual and occur at any level, though in Shen they manifest most often as the shift into floating weightless dissolving or floating bliss steady state.

    Hope this is of some help. Happy to chat with you about any of this. Fragments of my journey's detailed experiences through this in my blog here:

    all the best exploratory rewiring fun and games played by your body's mind as your prostate gradually awakens to full spectrum energies all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected