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overdoing it
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    I have had 3 sessions this week all being 3 times longer than my usual 30mins. The morning after my last one ( this Saturday)I woke feeling swollen and a little sore. Today I am just sore. It feels a lot like I've bruised my coccyx but up my bum. Everything else, peeing/erections etc, is fine. I'm guessing I just got carried away and clenched/contracted too hard and went on too long. And maybe pulled my helix out too hastily. 

    Things are starting to subside pain-wise. How long after things have returned to normal before I have my next session?
  • im still a newbie but at least all of my sessions last 90minutes+ and i have no problems since i am pre-lubing my anal canal before inserting the aneros.

    if you are just lubing the aneros most of the lubricant wont pass your anus and the remaining coating isnt enough for longer sessions.
    this also depends on which type of lubricant you use. for me pure vaseline does the job for as long as i want to ride my helix :)

  • rookrook
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    Hi hywel,

    The 'pain subsiding' makes it sound like you are on the mend.   I'd give it three pain-free days before leaving the bench and returning to the game.   If you aren't pain free in a day or two, have your doc check you out.  

    If you are practicing with contractions, as hakunamatata suggests, make sure you are adequately lubed.  Particularly if you are extending the length of your sessions.  Put a finger-full or two of lube around both of your sphincters and separately lube the toy.  If you re using water-based lubes, you may be absorbing them when your session lasts longer than 45-60 minutes. Consider something more lasting.

    all the best, hope this helps and blessings! .... rook
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    Thanks for the replies. My ass is feeling almost back to normal, *fingers crossed*.

    I do pre-lube with a syringe full (5ml) of a water based anal lube call Gun Oil H2o. It doesn't get absorbed that much as I have to expel after a session. However, it is rather thing compared the other lubes I've tried. I'm beginning to think that it is too think for use with an aneros and thats why I ended up feeling sore.

  • I learned a very important lesson about overdoing it with the Aneros during a Saturday afternoon session that lasted a 4.5 hours last November. I wanted to introduce myself to the MGX and Helix Classic models in addition to both Progasm Classic and ICE, Maximus, and Helix Syn. An hour or so before I ended this marathon session, I was getting really fatigued. Just after I finished the session, cleaned up, and put away everything, I felt a fiery series of P-waves flooding my body, especially my hands and feet. It was absolutely painful! Several hours later, I put myself to bed at around 8 a.m. very early, and slept until 6 a.m. Sunday morning.

    Although I didn't feel exactly well that Sunday morning, I forced myself to go to church. Sunday worship enabled me to forget what I suffering and it all went away. I learned a very important lesson.

    The Aneros Wiki gives two words of good advice. First, limit your sessions to 90 minutes. Second, f you are feeling pain while Anerosing, stop! That did happen to several times early in my sessions last summer. Just pay attention to your body. So I am alert to fatigue or pain in my sessions. Likewise most of my sessions last about three hours.