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Multiple ejaculations...?
  • Let me tell you guys a story. I have had a helix for about 2 months and the thought of using it turns me on so much that I feel compelled to share my experience. The first time using it was amazing but the feeling keeps getting better and better I can't wait to see what unexpected thing will happen next.
    The other night My ass was starving for the helix. I took a shower applied some lube and feed the helix to my hungry hole. The plastic sucked its self in and instantly went to my prostate. I was washing my self and focusing on my prostate. I started to visualize my prostate swelling and the helix just putting slight pressure on the spot. My cock was so hard this whole time but I refrained from touching myself. After I did my normal shower routine I squatted and started to focus on my breathing and relaxing my ass hole. I could feel my prostate throbbing and it wanted more pressure this is when I made a life changing discovery. I pulled the Handel of the helix upwards and I instantly felt like I had to pee. I continued to hold the helix is this position and my ass hole started to spaz out, I barley touched my rock hard member and cum started to pour out. There were three huge squirts and then this really sticky cum started to leak out like pre cum from the tip. I felt like I was cumming for an hour. After I came my dick was still so hard I felt like I needed to masterbate. I dryed off and went back to my bed. I poped in a porno and re lubed my ass. This this i laid in my side like the directions say and I started to do deep contractions. I pushed out till it felt as if the helix was going to fly out and then I was quickly suck it back in. The whole time I was contracting I was holding the Handel upwards. After about 10 min. My breathing became heavy and fast and I felt like yealling at the healix to fuck my ass. I went on like this for about 15 min. I felt like I was on the verge of cumming. I pulled my foreskin all the was back and let go about a min later I started to cum like did in the shower. My cock was still rock hard and I could not take it any more I had to masterbate to completion. I quickly rubbed my self and about a min later I came again. All this cumming did not make my erection go away. I still felt really horny so I got on my knees and put a pillow under my butt. I started to ride the pillow the feeling was amazing. I don't know how long I rode the helix but the feeling can't be described. I ended up masterbating and came a forth time. This time my cum was really thick and just slowly leaked out over the course of about 30 sec. The feeling was so intense. I laid down took the helix out and went to sleep. The next day at work I could feel my prostate in side my body and just by acknowlding it's presence I could make my self have mini orgasms. I feel like I need to use the helix more actively then a lot of people on the fourm but my results seem great to me. I can't get over what a good night I had.
  • Now, that is one hot story, @Badphish793!!! How old are you, if I may ask? Just reading about your insatiable horniness and your ability have multiple ejaculations shows me that you are a natural for the Aneros! Keep it up!