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I have frequent Super O's BUT lost the ability to have a wet orgasm. Will I get this back?
  • I have unbelievable number of super O's and I feel I have reached Nirvana. All this has taken place in last 30 days. But I can not have a wet orgasm. Every feeling I get and contraction I experience produces this ultimate orgasm. It seems that my re-wiring has blown away my traditional wet orgasm. This is not a big problem. The only reason to want a wet orgasm is that I can only gain a sense of satisfaction if I have had many many orgasms. Maybe 50 or more! Even then my period of satisfaction may only last an hour or so and then the urge returns. What a wonderful problem to have.  But has this happened to you? Did you ever have a wet orgasm again? Not to worry if Chia in The Multiorgsmic Man is right. He argues that wet orgasms are to be avoided. They drain energy and in the long run reduce life expectancy. After the age of 60 the wet orgasm should be avoided totally. So maybe I have exactly what I need.  I know that I do not want to screw up my re-wiring by concentrating on a wet orgasm (a re-re-wiring if you will). Bad idea.

    In any event have any of you lost the ability to have a wet orgasm and replaced it with the dry orgasm?
  • Hey, @thick, good morning,

    I too have a great deal of "trouble" achieving wet orgasms at this point.  I'm an addicted Aneros user, usually having some kind of session almost daily, as well as protracted "wearing" of my MGX, Helix or Eupho for hours a day, especially after particularly enjoyable morning sessions.

    I have found it more difficult to stimulate myself to a wet finish, which I thoroughly enjoy, btw, and have resorted to a vibrator to actually get that job done from time to time. 

    Is this a problem? Well, I guess it would be if I couldn't reach penile orgasm during sex, but that doesn't seem to be a problem.  How about you? Are you able to ejaculate during a sexual encounter or just with masturbation?  I don't see where the inability to "cum" due to masturbation is an issue, unless it bothers you, as long as you can achieve it during mutual sexual contact, which might have an negative effect on your partner and his/her ability to please you.

    BTW, I think your success with Aneros is great, and like me (I get terrific Aneros pleasure--every time) your "repressing" of wet orgasms due to Aneros use is normal, especially in us older guys. 

    What about it 60+'ers out there...similar experience?  I think dry O's are great, and not worried about the lack of wet ones. 

    My $.02.