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The helix syn is increadable
  • Just got the syn. I have never cum so hard in my life. I was a little concerned because i have been using a progasm for years and the syn is smaller. But that made no difference at all. Lubed it up with some swiss navy water based lube and slid it in. It went in my ass so smoothly and slid right over my prostate. I could feel the difference right away very focused and so comfortable. Relaxed a bit did some belly breaths and gave my first big contraction. Bam. It started auto fucking me. My progasm would never move this much. My body was freaking out at how quickly i started climbing to the peak of my orgasm. Then it hit orgasm waves like i have never experienced i was in extasy pre cum everywhere. I must have road the first wave for 10 minutes. I peaked 5 times in an hour. Then i had to stop to go acomplish some things. I am a convert i have never wanted something in my ass more than that little toy
  • @rem7575  Three hours ago you posted Question for those who have multiple massagers.
    And three hours later you say you already have the massager you were asking about and not only that you have had time to use it?
    That was quick work! Where you standing out the front of the shop? 

    Glad you like it.

  • @braveneworld

    I think it's the new "Guided Missile" shipping option that Aneros are trialling.  "Your Aneros delivered in 30 seconds, or it's free!".
  • I live in los angeles. Just happens to be a store called the pleasure chest on the way home from work. Guess its one advantage to living in the city.