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No result? - Key to the Journey
  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22
    First, im a rookie but maybe this can be a help/tip to somebody.

    I have had some sessions now. My first session was bad, my second better and my third was amazing, including dry-o, super-o, amazing felling in my nipples, floating, waves. A couple of sessions after that was good, but not as good as the third. From my 7th session I had some  pain in my pelvic, stomick and a sticky piercing feeling in my prostate. Reason was probably I had an overworked pelvic and prostate combined with my slipped disc wich is causing me a massive pain in my back frome time to time. I have felt some pain in my back during some sessions and that is natural when having a slipped disc, the nerves from the spines below the disc L1 combines in to a thick lines of nerves and then are spread out again below to the legs, the Ischias nerves and so on.

    I had to find a different way to approach a good session, to develope my breathing to get as relaxed as possibile in my spinchter, back and stomich and chest. I have read alot about valleybreathing, I have tried the KSMO wich trigger the waves of tingeling, plessure and waves, but during the KSMO I automatically is tenshing my anus, and stomick wich in the end is giving me a small mount of backpain.
    Now I have learned how to achieve plessurewaves, dry orgasm, almost a super-O without any Aneros device or KSMO. I just breath and use a very little force in my stomick muscles. This might help people who seems to have a hard time to experience anything in their journey.
    Do all the preps if you like, but this is not neccesayry to enema or anything llike that since you are not gonna use any device, but it might help to feel abit extra fresch and clean if you like. When all this is done lay on your side. Have your upperbody straight and bend your legs in a 45 degrees, and that is both your legs. Put a blanket or a pillow between your legs to get a comfirtible feeling so you dont get any pressure against your legs. Start relaxed deep breath, id soesnt have to bee long breath, I have found out that trying to breath slowly long breath is also a more challange then a totally relaxed breathing, I just do the deeper and a little bit slower without making any wearing to my stomick.

    Tip to the low breathing:
    Put your thumbs together just above the bellybutton and put your index fingers and long fingers together where they naturally meet together/ forming a heart under the bellybutton. When you are inhaling, yoou do it with your nose, have you mouth close and let your tonge gently touch the roof  of yoour mouth, right behinf your teeth and keep a very relaxed face, have no tensions in your face muscles. Take a deep breath below thru this heart area and try to get the breathing to land below the formed heart, this is a low abdomen breathing. Exhale with your mouth open. If you do this you are expanding the stomick and not the chest. Practice this standing or sitting but have your overbody straight. Form the heart with your hands and breath and practice breathing to land below the heart. You will feel your formed heart expand, and dont expand your chest. It's not that hard to do, you do this in your sleep.
    When you feel the you are achieving the breath to land below use a very small amount of force of the muscles below the heart to expand your stomick a little more, like you are puching the inhale/breath a little bit lower, you are forcing it a little bit lower. When you think or belive that you are doing this put your hands on the hips instead of your formed heart. The position is when a guy standing in the pose like, im cool, you cant get pass me when I have my muscular pose with my hands on the hip, that pose is what I mean.
    Now breath exactly the same way again with the small amount of force in those muscles, why this position? Well you will feel that it is easier and you will feel that you the breath is landing where I try to explain where it shall land and you will recognise this when laying on your side. When you have done this maybe 20 - 30 breaths you will now know how and where to get those breathing to land in your lower abdominen, if you havnt, prcatice some more.

    When you are think you can handle this breathing lay on your side as I described with legs in 45 degrees with a pillow between. And dont form the heart with your hand, have them relaxed where ever you want them, you should now know where the breath should land. Be totally relaxed in your whole body, and I really mean your whole body, if somebody should lift you arm, leg, head, upperbody it should be like an overcooked spagethi, noodle. Begin to inhale follow the breath with you mind past that heart and put a tiny small force of the lower adominen muscle to get a very little pushy feeling to get it little lower. Exhale with your mouth. Again inhale with your nose, imgane and follow the breath like i described, exhale. Same thing again and again and again and stay totally relaxed in your body. Dont use any other technique, as keggler, spinchter or anything. Just breath and be relaxed.
    It worked for me and perhaps it will work for you. I found out that this is a way to have a session without any pain, and why not share, it can help somebody who is haveing a hard time in their journey. And this is without a device.
    And I can start this with out any arousal, this will instead kickstart an araousal that is building in to plessure. The first thing I feel is a pressure between my anus and scrotum, like a shape of a bean, its getting rounder and fuller. It is the prostate swelling. It is swelling more and more and it feels like a huge tension and like it's going to explode. Then a small army of ants walks around that area, and then the army of small raindrops or pearls is marching in my urethra and towards my glance. And precums is coming out. It always starts like this for me but the results is different. I get dry-O's, anal-O's, internal waves, it is always different.

    And one other thing. About the relaxation, during this your body, leg muscles, stomick muscles might or will be tensing, now remember, this isn't you who is doing this on purpose. That is an effect of it, so let the body do what it does cause you are still relaxed, this was an obstacle for me, a problem. Because I thought I wasn't relaxing anymore and the result was, I tried to relax even more but!! Then I was not relaxing since I forced my self to relax even more... How can I relaxe more when im already 100% relaxed? I think this can be a major problem to many... Am I really relaxed when my body and muscles is tensing? Yes I am relaxed, it's an effect of things that is happening natural and spontaneously. Let that happen.
    I have tried a couple of times to insert and use the Tempo and the Helix after the prostate have swollen up and the army is marching and that is really really nice. It takes it to a stronger more aggressive stage.

    When you think you know how the breathing is working:
    1. Lay on your side, legs 45 degrees bent, pillow or something else between your legs.
    2. Be relaxed.
    3. Deep breath down to your lower abdominen.
    4. Keep breathing, when body or leg or stomick or even the face is tensing, let it tens. It is not you who is forcing that. just enjoy it, if it feel uncomfortible try to let it pass on it's own cause it will and might take somewhere you wouldnt expect.
    5. Breath
    6. Just let hings happens and have a curious mind, what is that feeling? What is that?

    Now, please.... Give it a try.
    I might have missed something to write, if you have question please ask :)
    Good luck!