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Sleeping with Aneros & Strange Dreams?
  • Last night I awoke suddenly at 2 A.M., feeling anxious and tense from the events of the day. I thought that putting the Helix Syn in might be soothing, and it was.

    I slid the Syn in and soon fell back asleep. It was my first time sleeping with it in.

    I had a very strange erotic dream.


    I was about to have sex with a beautiful blonde vixen, but suddenly I felt a very "full" feeling in my rectum... like I had to "go". Bad timing!

    I excused myself, went to the bathroom, had a massive bowel movement... could feel it all sliding out with pleasure.

    I returned ready to take her to the heights of ecstasy, but the full feeling in my bottom was still there... and I returned to the bathroom and had a massive and pleasurable dump... AGAIN...

    and I went back to the beautiful vixen... and tried to fuck her again... but once I started, I still had to "go". Back to the toilet,  darn it!

    This happened at least 10 or 15 times...  over and over again... stuck in a loop. It was pleasurable to 'release' so much 'crap'...but frustrating that I was stuck in bathroom with a blonde supermodel waiting on my bed. 

    Finally I awoke with a very, very, very hard erection and I realized that the full feeling in my bottom in the dream was the sensations from the Helix Syn crossing over into my dreamscape and re-wiring the dream script.

    Has anyone else ever had "anal" dreams or strange dream sequences from sleeping with the Aneros in?

  • Wow, what a dream, and an erection you had, RastaYoga, with your Helix Syn inserted while asleep. Did your erection feel delicious, really good?

    I am curious in learning from you what sort of lubricant you use while sleeping with the Aneros.

    Thank you,

  • @RastaYoga Yes I have had many while sleeping with the aneros.
    Please see this link on a recent discussion:

  • little joke in the discussion....
    Was the vixen patient ?  

  • BigGlansDC,

    Yes, the erection upon awakening felt AMAZING. Like there was hard steel inside my penis, so hard and full that I could have picked up a heavy suitcase by the handle with it :)


    I think we were both getting very impatient.

    I know this is kind of a 'crappy' post... but I was amazed at how the device affected my dreams.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @RastaYoga - An entertaining post! Made me laugh! Thanks for sharing. I can't say I've had any Aneros crossover dreams from the limited number of times I've slept with the Aneros. But well over a year ago when I had made some good progress and was practicing regularly, and had a very sensitive prostate...

    I was napping mid day on the couch with nothing inserted, and started to have a dream that I was having an Aneros session. And I remember in the dream, either someone else, or it was me told me to just relax, and then I started to have what I believe was a mini-O in my dream. And then I woke up not long after and remembered the dream. It was pretty wild. I don't think it was long after this dream that I had my first conscious mini-O during an Aneros session.
  • Ok I had another one last night while sleeping with miss helix.
    I wish it had a naked blonde in it but no it was more disturbing rather.

    I was sprawled out on a table naked with a aneros up my rear in high school.
    The teacher and all the students where studying what affects the aneros was having on me! 
    It came to a time when they started to question me but as I started to answer all that came out of my mouth was moans and screams. The girls were giggling and pointing and I looked down and I had a huge erection. 

    Thats all I remember but obviously I must have school issues. 
    All I want to know is why couldn't all the girls in the class be naked too?
    When I did wake up I did have a erection and as I dozed I had quite a nice session including a number of dry Os.
  • Bravenewsworld,

    Awesomely awkward dream!
  • Hello, Rasta.

    I sleep with Aneros inserted every night and have done so for about a year. For lube, I use a very thin layer of Vaseline barely covered with Walnut Oil. I switch between Vice, Ice, Eupho and Syn to avoid getting any sore spots.

    As for dreams, I rarely had erotic dreams before Aneros. Now, I have them every night. The dreams tend to be about "normal" sex, with the occasional pegging, which is not very different from real life. Every now and then, I have a dream of appearing naked in public with the Aneros in my butt. That's as weird as it gets.