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Lost in Time

  • Greetings to you all,

    This is my first attempt to start a discussion, so please
    forgive me if I ramble on.

    I'm 63, a newbee and going through a separation and divorce from my
    wife of 42 years, after a decade of discontent, we both knew where we were
    headed, but neither could make the first move. Realizing priorities had changed,
    I found myself in a position that just added to her unhappiness, so I took the
    plunge, proposed she retire and try to find whatever it is she thinks will fill the void in her life, as it
    definitely wasn’t here.

    I wasn’t doing very well either, with the emotional baggage
    of this life altering decision now taking it’s toll in a physical manifestation
    of chronic fatigue and depression. As I have never considered myself to be
    depressed… I submitted myself to much poking, prodding, physicals and having
    more blood drawn than in my entire life… Finally the results –

    ‘Healthy as a Horse’

     ‘Great now what?’

    ‘Well',says he 'reduce stress, try to relax and find your center.’

     Great advice I thought, enter Aneros,

     Don’t recall the introduction, but found myself at the
    website and browsing the Forum entries, where your stories and willingness to
    share experiences touch me in a way that was new, inspiring and comfortable.

    Ordered a Helix-Syn and waited… and while waiting went back
    to the Forum, read and posted a few comments…and BAM… I was welcomed to the
    brotherhood with some positive responses and Personal Messages.

     Helix arrives… and with no expectations, a lifetime of patience
    and the prospect of a totally new experience I saddled up.

    The entire experience, from prep to insertion, was a frontier
    where no one had gone before, but…ya know ‘Nothing ventured…’

     My first time was quite enjoyable, very relaxing, warm and
    peaceful but nothing I could put my finger on… no pun intended.

     It must have had a
    greater effect than I was aware of, ‘cause within a few days I found myself nicely
    anticipating another session… who woulda thought!! But needed to make some
    changes to the physical space and make it more of a relaxing and serine environment.

      - Back to the Forum
    and read about Lubes and again, encouraged by your willingness to share.

    Found Rumel'sNaturalJelly

    and brewed up a batch, figured in for the penny in for the


    That brings us to last night, my second session:

    The only words that come to mind to describe it is: ‘lost in

    …a warm insertion…quiet stillness…flat on my back, knees
    bent…deep breathing, gentle kegels…changing positions…rolling hips…totally calm…butt
    clenches…deep breathing, gentle kegels…and a subtle tingling in my pelvis…lying on my belly and shifting hips
    side to side…more subtle tingling like ‘humming’…on my back again...with my hands on my pelvis
    above my cock I could feel the counterpoint of the humming…falling so lightly
    in and out of sleep…enveloped in total peace and rapture…never getting hard,
    but oozing nearly the entire time…it’s 2am and for 2½ hours I was ‘Lost in time’


    I was in a place that was ecstasy for my head, a place I needed
    to be, and by 'my head' I mean the big one…the 'little one', for once was not center stage
    although he did make his presence known.

     My center has been spotted as my journey begins…


    D / Just Breathe


  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    @justbreathe: Shortly after discovering the Aneros I lost a dear parent. As you are discovering, the sessions can provide meditation-like benefits. I credit this time with helping me find my peace and re-centering. Learning more about meditation is now high on my list.

    I wish for your peace and a pleasant journey,

  • NeuroNeuro
    Posts: 42
    Wonderful Post @Justbreathe!  I too have combatted with depression and chronic fatigue.  I find that aneros sessions helps to circulate blocked energy and lift my mood the next day.  You write very well, and I hope you continue to share your experiences as you find your center.  Best wishes!
  • Welcome @justbreathe. I look forward to your comments and discussions in the future.
    You may want to start a blog, a diary of your feelings and travel so that you and your new aneros friends can read back as you go along.
    The blog section can be found here:
    Some people may not want to do this. I did not at first but found in the end that it was helpful for myself to look back on my feelings at any one time.
    After all feelings is what it is all about!
    Once again welcome in this difficult part of your life. This is a forum where you can escape for just a while.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Welcome Lost in Time, and thank you for sharing your story. As many long term Aneros users have noted here inthe forums, these little devices actually do more than just provide incredible pleasure. Sort of a pleasant/positive side effect of this practice. :)  I hope you continue to find ecstatic peace. :)