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My Path To Enlightment
  • I received my helix classic aneros and i'm loving every moment of it! I just had my 5th session a few days ago and every session was better than the last, but i guess that's partly because i'm always looking forward to a new session and i get aroused by the thought of it. I start off my session being completely relaxed for about half an hour or so. After i feel fully relaxed, i hold a light contraction and feel this sensation build up. I concentrate on the sensation and kept holding the contraction lightly until i start shaking quite a bit and contracting involuntarily. The sensation just keeps building up to the point where i lose my concentration and i have to start over again. Each time i start over, it just gets easier and easier to reach that same sensation, but it never seems to go anywhere. Hopefully i can get past that stage and reach my goal towards my very first super-O :] Also, is it common not to leak pre-cum during the session? I haven't masturbated or had sex in over a week and half since my last session, but i don't seem to leak any pre-cum. Nonetheless, i'm loving this "rewiring" process and i can't wait until i get fully rewired.


    Edit: I changed my title to make a blog to keep track of my progress
  • @SoldierWolf1204 - You're a lot futher on in 5 sessions then I was!  Just keep it up and enjoy!

    Leaking or not leaking is more genetics then anything.  If good pressure is on your cowpers gland and you're normally a leaker, you should see positive results.  Either way doesn't matter, enjoy the re-wiring process!
  • @varmint - Ah, i kind of figured that leaking pre-cum can vary from person to person and I've actually had some experience with sex toys and i've done kegals a long time ago before i jumped into the Aneros Experience. Regardless, the aneros toy is my favorite out of the bunch because of the sensation it delivers that none other can :]

    Just had my 6th session and oh boy, it's getting better! I thought my previous sessions were intense, but i kept getting surprised by the sensation and the intensity of the pleasure. It turns out, once i changed my position, i was getting really intense pleasure and i believe that i'm right on the edge. My previous session, i was shaking a little bit and getting involuntary contractions, but i went to a different stage. My body was shaking a LOT more than i was before and i started panting really hard. I couldn't control my shaking nor my panting...i feel closer to the edge than ever before. Unfortunately, i got distracted by sunlight and lost my concentration and i never got to the same point again for the rest of the half hour of my session. Nonetheless, i kept getting amazed and surprised by how much pleasure the aneros toy keeps bringing me :]
  • Hi @SoldierWolf1204,

    Welcome to Aneros Forum. You have such a way with words. You may want to open a blog at so that we can follow your progress.

  • @BigGlansDC - Oh, thanks for the advice! I'll definitely open a blog there. Hope you guys will enjoy my progress once i get the blog up and running. :]