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Aneros and Exercise
  • Many years ago, I was an avid runner. I took it up at age 30 to help me stop smoking, and in time I'd given up one addiction for another. As it turns out, I was "running away," but that's another story.

    For many years I participated in marathons and other races, and in time I found that I was punishing myself when I did not run. I wasn't enjoying running anymore, it had become something I had to do or I didn't feel good about myself. Eventually I stopped running almost completely. I still run occasionally, but no longer with a watch or any concern for my speed. I do exercise, but I mix it up, mostly biking.

    One thing that most of my fellow runners enjoyed was the "runner's high" from stimulating endorphins while running. I seldom did. Only when training at a fast speed did I have that experience, and only or a brief time.

    Yesterday morning I had just time for a brief Aneros session. I really could only afford to give myself 30 minutes, but, not surprisingly, it felt so good I had to add just another 15, and another 15. It was all wonderful, and I spent another 15 minutes or so "coming down". I ended in a very calm, happy place, buzzing with warmth and joy.

    I had planned to go for a run, and within the next half hour I took care of any outstanding business I had and dressed for my run and was out the door.

    Within the first minute of my jog I started getting a runner's high. Without effort, I was able to pick up my speed a bit, and soon was enjoying great rushes of endorphins. My whole body was tingling with pleasure waves and tiny little orgasms, mostly through my lower stomach, through my pelvis and in my rectum. But also across my nipples, my throat and my head.

    It was a wonderful run! With winter coming on, I plan to do more running. But I had never thought to do exercise shortly after my Aneros session, or other sensuous meditation sessions. Having orgasms while running may be just thing I need to finally get these extra pounds off!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @SaddleUp - Wow! Cool experience! Thanks for sharing this. Who would have thought, eh?
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176

    I have a friend who rewired using Mantak Chia's methods.  He commonly reported to me that he had super Os while running.  At the time, I thought that far fetched.  Now you come along and say the same thing.

    Anybody else out there who runs and has super Os?????

  • Hi @SaddleUp, do you find that your Aneros session tone your thighs and other parts of your body beside your anal canal and prostate? I certainly do. I have been working mostly with the Progasm and Maximus models since September at least. The Aneros toning of my musculature has enhanced my walks about the city many fold. In fact, a good vigorous after a good Aneros session helps me put the session into better perspective. I too have experienced very much what you have experienced. You apparently are having "runninggasms" whereas I have "walkinggasms."

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @SaddleUp -  You know, now that I've given this some thought some more... 
    I remember a few times riding my bicycle in the last few years where the pressure of the seat on my perineum got me very worked up and my prostate aroused. It was a great warm up to immediately go into an Aneros session after I got home. :D  I also remember as a young child in elementary school that at times when doing any pull up type exercises that also cause your core to contract, that when really straining on the last few ones I would start to come close to these wonderful sensations that I now recognize as pre-orgasmic like feelings. Naturally I stopped before that happened. I mean who'd want to do that in front of their classmates and gym teacher? LOL

    It's pretty neat though that SaddleUp's experience allowed him to increase his performance.