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Tremendous Super-T
  • Hi All,

    Just wanted to say that I had used a Tenga deep throat cup and the MGX to result in what I guess would be called a Super-T a week ago, for the first time ever.

    Today I had a session with my Tenga Flip-Hole, without an Aneros, and while the actually O was not as intense, the after effects were wicked (still feeling them) They're like waves of tingly awesomeness washing over me.  Also I'm in a state of euphoria which I don't think I've ever experienced before!

    To me, this is awesome, because masturbation and orgasm were always very mechanical, and the O's and pleasure I am used to getting are minimal compared to what I hear is the norm.  So while the Aneros toys haven't given me mind blowing Super-O's yet, the Super-T I had experienced seems to have unlocked something awesome.

    And to all you purists, I will probably contain Super-T practice to once a month not to derail my Super-O practice :)

    Thanks for listening(reading)!

    P.s.- Any spelling or grammatical errors are not my fault! I'm in a weeeird place right now haha