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Something happened
  • DesmonDesmon
    Posts: 15
    I'm using aneros since 3 weeks and it was enjoyable from the first day, but in the last 2 session something special happened.
    After more than an hour trying different kind of muscle movements and positions i started getting very aroused (this happended in every session, but nothing further). But this time i started having the feeling like my rectum was "squeezing", and the pressure from the massager become more effective: I could clearly feel the action of the massager again my prostate or penis base (i'm not really sure which one), and the pleasure become higher at any contraction. After a few i started feeling heat inside my chest, my heart was pumping like a piston and my whole body shaking. I really felt on the edge of some kind of climax, but did not reach the "point of no return" from which the process goes on itself: Voluntary action was still necessary, but since it was difficult to keep control in such state, i lost my concentration and the process receeded. But it was still amazing!
    So what was that? Am i on the right way to super-o? :-)
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    This is quite a common reaction to early use of Aneros devices.

    My first few sessions involved the SGX and I could describe my experiences exactly as you have, especially the heart rate racing. Eventually things settled down and I got used to the rapid heart rate (which was a bit of a worry to me). Then, I didn't get the racing pulse and the reactions were centred more in the pelvic area.

    Nowadays, orgasms tend to be 'whole-body' affairs; not particularly centred in any one region although I am not aware of a racing pulse anymore.

    Seems to me that everything you are experiencing indicates you are making good progress.

    Enjoy and Good Luck!

  • You are making good progress. This is the path that leads to mind blowing stuff :) Keep going with it.