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Dry-0's & super-O's
  • I feel I have moved past dry-O's how can you tell the difference of a dry-O and a super-O can someone help
  • I am not sure. It may be that everybody has differing opinions. Here is mine,,,

    A dry O is like a wet O except for the ejaculation.  Typically it involves about 4 to 10 spasms each of about 1 sec duration. The wet O leaves you with a sense of fulfillment, whereas the Dry O leaves you with the same urges.

    But as you start experiencing increased spasms or spasms that last a long time you are entering the Super O arena., Also you might feel that the intensity of the orgasm is greater. Some report full body orgasms which I interpret as upper body spasms.  In my case I shake, really strain, shout and utter unintelligible words or expressions. I feel electric like sensations as if I am shooting a load. It is firing out from the end of my penis. I know wet orgasms and this is not like a wet orgasms sans the ejaculate. Now some of this could be present in the wet orgasm. But it is much greater in the Super O. As I write this I feel stupid because I did not invent the word Super O. I believe this was created by B, Mayfield. He is the one that should answer this.  For me, I am having incredible orgasms; Last night I must have had over 50 orgasms each one of which almost paralyzed me. This is way more than what I experience in a wet orgasm. So for me this is super.  I frankly would be afraid of my health if there were any more intense or frequent. However if others can comment and show me that there is much more in store for me I would like to know.I personally feel I have hit the mother load. Where has this been for the last 66 years I have been doing just the wet orgasms?

    I am glad you asked the question. I would love somebody to point out that as good as I feel, there is more coming (pun intended).  Observation:  it seems that every session is better than the last. Damn.., maybe there really is more to come.