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  • tbirdtbird
    Posts: 1

    I just got my Aneros Helix Classic Male G Spot Stimulator this past week.  It feels really great especially when I slide it in, forcing me to stretch and open to accomodate it.  How do I get it to give me a hands free orgasm?  I can excercise my PC muscle and feel it wiggle around up inside back there.  I have put it in around bedtime and leave it in all night.  I can wake during the night and clench my muscles.  Feels great, espcially when I am laying on my left side.  I also injoy the way it feels when I sit down and watch TV, have dinner, etc.  What am I doing wrong?  It is definetely hitting my perinium dead center.


  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @tbird - Give it time and regular practice. This is not necessarily an instant or quick path for most men. Be advised that you really need to go into an Aneros session aroused, and try to keep yourself aroused during the session. Also practice on nipple stimulation during the session. I don't suspect that inserting your Helix, forgetting about it and going to do other things is all that helpful.

    You can also find a lot answers to your questions in the Aneros WIKI:
  • Hi @tbird great choice of model. You will go through thoughts of why did I wast my money on this, to this thing seem to do something, to this thing was giving me pleasure but now doesent, and to this thing actualy works.
    And some  times when things are just right, you might find yourself say this thing actually loves me because it correses me like no one ever has before. The pleasure and intimacy you will achieve are nothing short of fantastic.

    Now I have said this, dont get your hopes up to soon!
    It has taken me about 10 months to get to the last thought! This is coming from someone who has not had a Suer O yet.

    What I can tell you is it is not bull shit, it will get better and better just hang in there.
    You will have good sessions and bad session but practice and regular use helps.

    Once you start to feel the aneros twitch, (and that will come with time) that is the engine that drives your orgasms. You wont feel absolute pleasure right away, it just gets better as you practice.

    To help you along practice kegal exersises, Read lots, experiment with different ideas.

    Others say that sleeping with the aneros does nothing or is bad for your rewiring but an increasing number of us say  that it helps. It certainly can be very pleasurable sometimes.
    Be warned that you can overdo it (sleeping with it) it causes fortiuge after awhile as mostly you dont sleep well

    Once the twitching has started the trick is to LETGO dont tense up, dont try to control the movement in any way.
    The helix is very agressive by design meaning while putting more pressure on the prostate than other models it moves quite a lot too.
    Movement is the key.
    You will get to a point that you put the device in and it just starts to twitch, you lie there and just let it do its thing and the exquisite feelings envelop your body and you get carried away in the moment. The moment can last for hours and hours.
    You have not been doing anything wrong. This is what is called experimenting, I did and sometimes still do.
    Ejoy your experance.
    Feel free to ask questions on this forum and you can keep a diary if you like in the blog section.

    Questions are answered best if your question is detailed like what you have done above.
    We dont like one liners ;)
    The answers will come from all kinds of persons with some experience to lots of experience.
    Welcome to the forum.