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Aneros to Yoga Class
  • Greetings all.  
    I started with the MGX about 6 months ago, before adding the progasm to the party a few months later.  
    One of the things that's happened as I've gotten more and more connected with my sexuality has been (at times) the urge to wear my aneros out through my day.  I removed the pull tab, so now I can wear it anywhere.  While it's not an overly sexual feeling most of the time, I love the feedback I get by doing my kegel exercises, and sitting in a chair is always a nice treat.  I find myself rocking back and forth a lot too.  
    The first day I did it was amazing.  I really lubed it up well, and every time I walked down the hall, it would tickle my prostate back and forth.  I felt so powerful and sexy, but without getting hard, or the urge to go rub one out.  
    Then came wearing it to my hot yoga class.  I'll bring some lube with me into the changeroom before class, jump in the stall, slicken things up, and pop it in.  
    I must say that I love going through class like this.  I'm already sweaty and hot in a room full of half clothed women, breathing constantly, and doing exercises that often bring the aneros to life.  There are times when I'll find a move that rubs my prostate just the right way, and will move back and forth over the spot (while nobody else knows what's going on).  
    I first found that regular yoga practice was the thing that first made my prostate feel like it wanted to be stimulated.  There's a lot of blood flow, oxygen, compression and flushing from yoga in the first place, which I think is the explanation.   
    Admittedly, I rarely go to yoga class without hitting a joint first, and I love the way the aneros feels while I'm stoned too.  
    The end result is that I feel like it just turns the volume up on my prostate and my sexuality overall.  
    I always find I fuck my wife like an olympic athlete after yoga or a progasm session in the first place, but when I combine yoga and the aneros, it moves me into another place where I can get almost instant rock hard erections that last as long as I want them too, and that result in orgasms that are completely euphoric and overwhelming.   
    My challenge is that if I let my libido get out of control a bit, I can feel like fucking every pretty woman in a short skirt I see.  That fantasy only gets better though, because I feel so strong and confident with my aneros, that I know I could fuck her to as many orgasms as she could handle.  

    Have you ever tried the aneros at the gym or yoga?  

  • Yes, I have tried doing yoga with the Aneros in... while at home.

    Yes, it feels amazing after smoking.

    Love to move around and have it hit exactly the right spot.

    Haven't had the "balls" to wear it to a yoga class. 

    I do get turned on by the half-naked women and a little concerned the Aneros might take me into a "too hot for public" space... but might work up to that.

    In this recent thread, Rook and other members chime in with some advice / safety info for yoga:

    QUESTION: How did you modify the MGX for yoga? Where did you cut it and with what?

    I rarely use my MGX anymore and it might be a good thing to try.