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Getting into the Zone, Getting into the Aneros autof**king
  • Hi guys,

    Early Monday morning, I think I have arrived in some amazing territory, in fact an important discovery as I worked with my Progasm Classic. Monday morning, in fact, marked the beginning of my sixth month with the Aneros. I have been working with both the Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic. The Progasm Ice with its sleek design is easier to use. But the Progasm Classic is one big, bruiser and rather intimidating. But I have become especially fond of the Progasm Classic because I can do some really serious Kegeling with him. Recently I can do both rugged and subtle Kegels with both models.

    This morning with both models, I began a set of ten Kegels lasting a minute a place. When I do that, both models are locked in place as the pleasure begins to build. It feels like both the P and K tabs are barreling in upon me. When this all happens, that is when autof**king begins. But this morning, I began subtle Kegels during the autof**k and the pleasure kept building. It seemed that I was getting into the Zone as all this was happening. The Zone is worth exploring not only with the Progasm but also with other Aneros models in my collection. Who knows, I may experience soon Super-O's. Have other guys experienced any of this? This getting into the Zone with the Aneros?


    P.S. Here is a fascinating article on Getting into the Zone in sports: 

    How To Get In The ZONE...with Sports Hypnosis

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @BigGlansDC - I guess it depends on what your interpretation of the Zone is. I haven't achieved super-O's yet either, so I may be off in this. But I have noticed that at times when the pleasure gets real good I sometimes go into this trance like state where the mind chatter stops, as do any intentional arousing fantasies, and I feel more present in my head, but kind of spacey, and I can feel energy shoot up my neck and out the top of my head sometimes.
  • Hi @Love_is

    What you have described in your reply of the "energy shooting up your neck and sometimes out of the top of your head" while Anerosing sounds like when you awaken your Kundalini. I must say that is absolutely wonderful!

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @BigGlansDC - I suspect you may be right. It was actually my Aneros journey that taught me to feel energy sensations in my body, such that now when Reiki practitioners work on me I can feel the energy. Where as before I was clueless. What this all means in the larger context I have no idea. But it sure is neat! LOL