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In your dreams!
  • I had a dream about the Aneros last night. I dreamed that I had my helix in, and a HFWO (which would be my first if it actually happened). 

    Anyone else have Aneros-related dreams?
  • Yes lots. these happen when I sleep with the aneros.
    Usually I am nude in public with the aneros in while in my dream.
    It has never been a negative dream.
    What I mean is I am not afraid to be in the nude in public and nobody is laughing at me or anything.
    Some people dream of being nude in public and being laughed at.

    I might point out I consider myself a nudist at heart in the real world even if I dont get to practice it much.

    Well bugger me I have just noticed that while sitting in my chair and typing I am having a intense anerosless session.
    I am actually shuddering every 10 seconds like if I had jumped into freezing water. awesome!
    This rewiring thing is so cool!
  • Ok It got weird last night ! I dreamed I ate my aneros while I was in a cult last night!
    See my blog for more info....