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Loud bass, music, smoke, and other triggers
  • JediJedi
    Posts: 5
    So today was the second day since I had used my aneros so when I woke up I looked forward to a session tonight.  Like so many others I have read on here, I too, enjoy to smoke.  This morning I gad gotten in my car shortly after enjoying some smoke; without the aneros, just for a normal drive, and was listening to my music turned all the way up to 11! When I began to feel my prostate throb with the bass.  I have some high quality aftermarket speakers installed so it was quite loud.  To feel that vibration in your chest that comes with the deep booming of powerful bass in tandem with my prostate throbbing with every bump and drum. I was thumping on the inside!  It was though my prostate was making a very bold declaration of its presence and pounding. The music was really syncing with me and it was the first time I have felt anything like this without an aneros, just channeling the music and being aware of my prostate moving inside me. 

    I don't know if I would classify it as an orgasm but it was definitely something noteworthy.  I wasn't in danger of crashing but there were a lot of involuntary spasms involved and it was so bold and rampant. A lot of it had to do with two things I have never really aligned with my prostate before that being music and the subwoofers driving the bass through me.  By changing my environment as well as just being aware of the organ beating like another heartbeat in my core I was able to have some extremely intense sensations from my prostate. 

    I know a lot of people like to smoke and I may try the hypnaneros sessions in the future but my question is has anyone felt their prostate react like this because of some kind of trigger and what were they? If it was music, what genre, song, artist?  Anything else psychological or environmental really set the prostate off?

  • Very interesting experience. I have gotten a penile erection from the vibrations from subwoofer bass (air only, no contact) before, but never the prostate!