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New guy says thanks
  • LuxLux
    Posts: 2

    I just wanted to thank everyone for making this forum such a great resource for new Aneros users. The wiki is great too but the forum offers so much feedback and user experiences on everything. I ordered a Helix Syn before discovering the forum. I appreciate the experiences you guys have shared and I have already used some of the many tips in my own sessions (two to date). I think I have realistic expectations now after hearing what you have to say. It’s really great the way everyone is so supportive.

    About me: I’m 55, started out looking for a prostate massager to see if it would help my BPH. I’ve had limited experience with anal/prostate stimulation but had enough to know that it can feel great. So far the Syn feels really comfortable, I can see why so many of you sleep with yours.

    Right now I’m still in Munchkinland, hope one day to make it to Oz. Thanks again!

  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    Welcome, Lux.

    We have chat as well,
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Lux - Welcome to the Aneros forum. And I'm glad you find this all helpful. I'm sure that is the intent of the Aneros/HIH company in having these forums available. You've got an amazing journey ahead of you with your new Aneros. Enjoy! :)
  • @LUX - I really enjoyed reading your post. I could have authored it myself with the exception that I'm 63. I also must express my appreciation to members for their candid feedback and experiences...
    Thanks from another new guy!