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Chat needs some tweaks.
  • 1.) We need an idle kick timer (or to reduce the limit if there is one) too many times lately have I hopped in an apparently full room only to have one user inform me on entering that everyone else has gone idle.

    2.) WHY THE FUCK does viewing the history show you private user to user messages? This seems unbelievably purpose defeating......

    3.) When multiple guests join they are all listed under 1 user name on the right tab, kinda annoying.

    4.) The option to view full links needs to be implemented as it is now you only get to see a little of the URL, thus we have to be very trusting of others links as we have no way to investigate it other than committing to opening it.

    5.) History could use more options, 2 hours to 2 days is not that great of selection. Also it would be nice if the history window could be re-sized rather than 1/5 of the screen.
  • @imperium,  you make some good points.

    However, in regards to point #1, what happens when a user just wants to kick back and listen to the conversation(s) of others and not participate.  If the idle timer is set to a reasonably high value such as one or two hours, then it wouldn't be too much of an inconvenience to have to re-enter the chat centre, otherwise it could be damned annoying.

    In regards to point #2, the only private user to user messages (some users refer to them as "whispers") that I've seen when viewing history have been to and/or from me (except for one time when I didn't login first and entered chat as "Guest", and saw a "whisper" that had been made by another user to the Guest earlier in the day).  Are you indicating that you've seen "whispers" between two other users in the history?  I'd be very concerned about that too if that's the case.  I consider any "whispers" I've been a part of as between myself, the other user, and of course the hosts of the chat system, Aneros.

    In regards to point #5, I support the alteration or addition of more "range" options.  Also, dimming the main chat window when viewing chat history makes sense if you couldn't do anything within the main chat window, but you can.  If I've selected (as I usually do) the "2 DAYS" range option to view history and have just gone through 15 out of 30 pages of chat history, I don't want to have to dismiss the history window to submit a chat message, but I have to because the main chat window is too dim for me to see, and then I have to scroll through many pages of chat history again just to return to where I was.  Making the chat history window moveable and/or resizeable and leaving the main chat window un-dimmed would be good.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    1) If people are going to be away for a while, it's helpful for them to set their status to "Away" (which changes the colour of their name in the right hand box) or even "Invisible" (which makes them disappear).

    2) Only your own private conversations appear.

    5) There does need to be at least one option between 2 hours and 2 days. 12 hours and 24 hours would be handy. Making the history a pop-out window would also be helpful.
  • legacelegace
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    history was designed by an abstract artist.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    "History is more or less bunk." -- Henry Ford (1863 - 1947)